‘He’s smashed up the classroom’ – How I got help for my disruptive son

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How I got help for my disruptive son

How I got help for my disruptive son

Cruz isn’t like his three siblings.

He’s rebellious, violent and struggles to make friends.

His mum Shelley’s discipline isn’t working.

Cruz is at risk of being excluded from school.

Shelley is at her wits’ end, but believes he can change.

Can he get the help he needs?

The phone rings. Shelley knows who it is before she answers it.

Embarrassed, she leaves her desk and walks into the kitchen so that none of her colleagues can hear.

“You need to come and get him. We can’t control him, you have to come now,” says an all-too-familiar voice.

It’s March 2017 and Shelley’s eight-year-old son Cruz has been playing up at school – again.

He’s only in Year 3 but his behaviour has been a problem for years.

Shelley first raised concerns with the school when he was in reception but as time has gone by, his refusal to play by the rules has become increasingly serious.

It is infringing on his and his classmates’ ability to learn – and the school is taking action.

This time, the voice at the other end of the phone explains, his behaviour is putting himself in danger.

No more details are given about the nature of Cruz’s latest misdemeanour. Shelley doesn’t ask. She doesn’t need to. The phone calls have become a regular occurrence, practically every other week, with other behavioural issues in between.

“He’s smashed up the classroom… he’s hiding under the desk… he’s ripped up someone’s work,” she’s been told before. On one occasion, the school had to be evacuated.

This time, she is told on arrival, Cruz tried to leave the school grounds by climbing over the main gate.

Shelley apologises profusely to staff – as she has done on many occasions.

But this time feels different. She knows Cruz is running low on chances.

She has been told before that the school will consider permanent exclusion.

She needs to find a solution, but doesn’t know where to turn.

Source: ‘He’s smashed up the classroom’ – How I got help for my disruptive son – BBC News

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