High School Journalism Teacher Suspended After Standing Up for Student Reporters’ Free Speech Rights

Oct 24, 2015 by

Free speech doesn’t end at the classroom door.

Zach Weissmueller –

Administrators at one California high school reacted in all the wrong ways when student reporters tried to write a newspaper article about the recent dismissal of a popular teacher and debate coach.

San Gabriel High School principal Jim Schofield sent an email telling newspaper adviser Jennifer Kim to kill the story and suggested running a fluffy profile piece instead. Kim backed her students when they wanted to fight for their right to publish, and she was later suspended and remains on indefinite administrative leave. Officials from San Gabriel High and the Alhambra Unified School District declined to comment.

The free speech rights of public high school students can be a complicated matter, so Reason TV brought in Ken White, a First Amendment attorney, blogger at Popehat, and Reason contributing editor, to parse some of legal issues. He says that although the Supreme Court and California law offer some guidance, he’s concerned about an educational environment in which administrators model anti-speech values.

“I worry about a generation of kids whose rights have not only been taken away but who have been taught by overcautious school administrators to scorn rights, to not believe in them, and to question them,” says White.

Source: High School Journalism Teacher Suspended After Standing Up for Student Reporters’ Free Speech Rights – Reason.com

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    Maybe these students are figuring out that “free speech” is ONLY allowed if you are advocating FOR academia’s LIBERAL agenda otherwise you are an intolerant,narrow minded, hate filled bigot. Naturally this description doesn’t apply to the ultimate,intolerant,narrow minded, hate filled, bigots that LIBERALS are! It is LIBERALS imposing what THEY ARE on others to silence them. Ever look at public high school “Journalism Clubs”? Their SOURCE for information and “news” is the NEW YORK TIMES! You can’t get more LIBERAL and jaded than that. I have affectionately given them a new motto:

    “All the News the is UNFIT to Print” is a more accurate motto. Eventually they will go out of business. They continue to struggle as normal people abandon them.

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