High schools: To have class rankings or not?

Mar 2, 2019 by

Would you rather your child graduate with the traditional Latin honors like summa cum laude or be ranked by grade-point average, where a thousandth of a point can separate No.1 from No.10?

Some high-performing local schools have chosen the latter, which they say is better for students.

Indian Hill High School is among the latest Ohio schools to ditch class rankings. The idea is that students can focus more on being well-rounded and less stressed when it comes to academics. The Class of 2023, today’s eighth-graders, will be the first class that won’t be ranked.

This is a good thing based on a number of factors, including student mental health and the high-stakes educational environment in the United States. The education experience should be about academics, yes, but also about ballet lessons, sports, exchanging with other cultures and volunteering to help others in need.

What really matters is this: Do students know what they need to know to be successful in college and in life? Did they master the coursework and the subjects we asked them to? And did we take the time to intervene and help them succeed if they didn’t quite get it the first time?

That’s what we do in life, right? Train people and give them the tools and support to succeed. Give more help when needed.

Source: High schools: To have class rankings or not?

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