Hillary Clinton Birthed Common Core.

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5.11.16 — Today Joy Pullman of The Federalist has published a well-researched article entitled “How Common Core Fulfills Hillary Clinton’s Education Dreams.” 


It might be interesting for the public to compare Joy’s article with what I remember from my real-life experiences as a classroom teacher who spent years battling Hillary Clinton’s plan to take over the public schools of our country.


Hillary Clinton “birthed” Common Core. Joy’s article and my own experiences bear this out. The links to my article and Joy’s article are posted below.


The United States must not elect Hillary Clinton to the White House.  She is a socialist who has had a long-standing, devious plan to take over the minds of our children through indoctrination by the federal government.  Hillary stands in complete unity with Obama, Common Core, and the social justice agenda.


Voters must realize the seriousness of Hillary’s plan and do everything they can to make sure she never gets anywhere close to the White House again.


I say this with utter sincerity. “We truly are in a life or death struggle to save the children of the United States.” – Donna Garner]




“Donna Garner: “My Story As I Lived It –Hillary Clinton and the Birthplace of Common Core —

1.9.15 — (Republished on 4.23.16) — http://www.educationviews.org/donna-garner-my-story-lived-hillary-clinton-birthplace-common-core/


This is taken from my memory as I lived through this era as a classroom teacher.



5.11.16 – “How Common Core Fulfills Hillary Clinton’s Education Dreams” — By Joy Pullman – The Federalisthttp://thefederalist.com/2016/05/11/how-common-core-fulfills-hillary-clintons-education-dreams/




Donna Garner

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    Brandy Morano

    Wow Karen. Thank you, I think. I had not heard of Marc Tucker before. After reading his letter to hillary, I think I might vomit. I just can’t believe they are getting away with it! Do you think this is what the majority of Americans want these days? Are they too lazy to care anymore? Are we fighting a losing battle? It just breaks my heart to see my country falling apart. I feel so helpless.

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    Karen Bracken

    Hillary Clinton might have been the power behind it but Marc Tucker was and still is the brains behind it. Not that he is the only one. But also remember it was George Bush Sr that in 1989 told the NGA that we needed to move away from local control of education and move toward national education. And Bill Clinton just so happened to be the President of the NGA at the time. Clinton was destined to be the next President and George Bush (who is PURE EVIL) knew Clinton was tapped on the shoulder to be the next in line. Tucker couldn’t have been happier. One thing I will agree on is that if Hillary Clinton gets into the White House she will make Obama look like Mother Theresa. In my gut thought I have always felt she has been tapped on the shoulder and when someone gets tapped on the should by hook or by crook they get elected. They will dig up dirt (more than likely false) on Trump that will make him look like Jack the Ripper. They will destroy him. We only have to hope he has more on her than they can “trump” (pardon the pun) up on him. This is going to very ugly but she must be destroyed. The reason she is getting away with the email scam is because she is the chosen one by both the R and the D party. Now we have the R party going against their own candidate. WHY???? Because they want Hillary as much as the Democrats want Hillary. ALSO WE DO NOT NEED A PRESIDENT TO SAVE EDUCATION OR OUR CHILDREN. All we need is parents to stand up and be parents. Take back your God given power. Educate your own children at home. If you want to make it happen you will, if not you will make excuses.

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