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I can’t drive, so I’m going to call an Uber,” or, “My husband has the car, so I’m calling a Lyft,” are common phrases we hear while out partying with friends. On the surface, calling a ride-sharing app seems like a responsible choice, especially if the alternative is driving drunk or walking home in the dark. There are some downsides to ride-sharing services that not everyone is aware of, however, and those downsides can lead to minor annoyances at best and life-altering crimes at worst. In most cases, hiring a private car service will lead to a smoother and more pleasant experience than simply crossing your fingers and hoping for the best with a ride-sharing app.


Americans don’t always like regulations, since they can be a pain to follow, but there are times when they are needed to protect members of the public. Uber is not known for its rigorous background checks and has mostly resisted calls to fingerprint its drivers. Lyft re-runs checks on its drivers once per year, but as of 2017, Uber had no such policy. That’s led to repeated allegations of sexual assault and harassment. Last year, two women filed a class-action suit in California on behalf of women who have dealt with “rape, sexual assault, physical violence or gender-motivated harassment” from Uber drivers. The complaint alleges Uber has created a system allowing “for bad actors to gain access to vulnerable victims.”

Uber and Lyft are cheap, but that cheapness comes with a price tag that’s being felt elsewhere. The big ride-sharing companies typically fight tooth and nail to ensure that their drivers are classified as contractors rather than employers. Uber doesn’t have to give contractors benefits like overtime pay or health insurance, and so that issue is also playing out in courts right now. The argument rests largely on whether or not companies like Uber exercise “meaningful control” over its drivers. Different courts have come to different conclusions, but expect Uber to keep fighting, since their model depends on providing a service as cheaply as possible without any real regard for the people who drive for them.


Safety issues aside, there’s the issue of professionalism. When you hire a car service NYC to pick you up from LaGuardia Airport, you can expect a certain level of service and courtesy. Your driver will help you with your bags, for one, and they’ll be expected to maintain a pleasant demeanor throughout the trip. That’s because the people they work for have trained them on how to interact with customers and provide a positive experience. There’s a better chance they’ll be an actual employee rather than just a contractor, and that means the company that hired them has a much bigger stake in how well they perform their duties. Think of what happens when your car needs repairs and you take it to the dealership. The dealership will often provide you with a shuttle service until your car is ready for pickup. They’ll work hard to impress you because they want to keep your business. A car service has the same philosophy.

When you hail a ride from Uber, you have no idea if you’ll be getting a surly middle-aged man or an overly chatty college student who wants to tell you all about her recent breakup. The quality of service is going to vary tremendously, and you have no real control over who picks you up once you hit that button to request a ride. If the driver chosen for you has a lower rating than you’d like, you can cancel, wait a few minutes, and try again, but that can take up a lot of time. A professional car service provides a more efficient and enjoyable experience every step of the way.

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