Hiring the best content writer for your website – Essential tips from experts

Nov 8, 2017 by

Is your website easily found when the users search the search engines? If you still don’t know this, take out a minute and type your company’s name in Google and few associated keywords that are related to your services and products. Did you get the search result in the first page of Google SERP? If answered no, you should know that by hiring the best content writer for your website will be the best move towards making sure that your website is easily found by potential buyers.

Since having the right website content writers is all that can make a difference to your website, here are few things that you should look for in the writer you hire for your website.

  • Watch out for an educated content writer who belongs to your niche

Does your business deal with automobile parts? If yes, you should be looking for a writer who has clear understanding of the entire automobile industry and who has had an experience on writing on automobile related topics. For someone who has good knowledge on such a matter, your content should make sense. If you hire a writing agency where writers paraphrase content which is already on the web, you won’t achieve success this way. Make sure you check the portfolios of the candidates.

  • They should know their grammar well

Don’t make the mistake of determining the literacy of the candidates based on the CVs that they send you. Despite checking the writer’s resume, you should still conduct an interview. Don’t go for video interviews and if you’re keen on hiring a writer, make him sit for a writing test. If you find several mistakes in the answer sheets, ditch that candidate.

  • The writer should be ready to write everyday

You will never know when there is urgency of posting an article in your website and so when you choose to hire a content writer, he should be ready to write on a daily basis. He should be reliable during such situations. If you see that the writer takes several days to write a single post, it’s better to look for someone who is more productive. Progress is another reason for hiring someone who’s ready to work on a daily basis.

  • No chance of plagiarism

Whenever you interview a writer, you should always give him a trial project so that you know how he writes. Make him write a short yet good quality article on some topic. Run a plagiarism check on the post and watch out for even a single line that’s copied from the internet. Freelancers shouldn’t be hired.

  • Be clear about deadlines

When you approach a professional content writing agency for writers, you should be clear about the deadlines. Evaluate all situations carefully so that you’re sure that the writers can help you meet deadlines.

So, now that you know the steps that you should take before hiring a content writer, make sure you keep in mind all of them so that you end up with the best writer from a professional writing service.

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