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The best parties say something about the person or persons hosting. It can be as simple as, “We love drinking alcohol,” or as complex as, “We really identify with the late Victorian era style of fashion.” From the menu to the decorations, it’s all part of a message that’s being sent. But not everything depends solely on the hosts, especially at more elaborate bashes. More and more parties are bringing in people from outside the social circle to assist in some way. It could be an entertainer who makes the crowd laugh, or a couple of caterers who ensure that the menu is high-quality. Hiring party help is an art all by itself.

Put on a show

Some parties just lend themselves well to additional entertainment. Holding a regular Friday night party for no special reason? You can probably get by with board games and whatever’s on TV. But if there’s a milestone birthday party, a bachelorette party, or a children’s birthday party, then that often calls for a little something extra, or, in this case, someone extra. Kids love clowns. Well, many kids do. Make sure that your child is one of them first, and then start looking for Clowns in NY to entertain the birthday kid and all of his or her friends. Balloon animals, face painting, and more should really take the celebration up a notch. Don’t forget the cotton candy machine; those are usually a hit.

There’s all kinds of adult entertainment available too, whether you’re hosting a thirtieth birthday party for your sister or a golden anniversary party for your parents. You can hire a comedian or a musician, or even an exotic dancer if you’re sure that it’s something that would be welcome. Generally speaking, though, if you’re hosting a bachelor or bachelorette party and the guest of honor says they don’t want any sort of dancers, then don’t hire a dancer. After all, a good host always listens to what the people attending his or her party want. Some people just want to wear aviation t shirts and hang out with members of their flying club a few days before they get married, and that’s perfectly acceptable. A bachelor party doesn’t have to look like an R-rated buddy comedy to be enjoyable.

Have a contract

A contract is one of the biggest things you can do to protect both yourself and the workers you’re bringing in to the party. If you want caterers to serve cake at your party, be very specific about those duties, down to how they should package the leftovers. If you’re hiring a musician to rock out in your backyard, make sure it specifies how long the performance should last. If you use a local company to hire someone, they’ll probably insist you sign a contract before the event. Otherwise you’ll need to come up with something yourself.

Contracts can be complicated, but they don’t have to be. There’s a misconception that any contract requires at least one or two lawyers to help draft the thing, but that’s not the case. It is true that a contract must contain certain elements to be considered valid, but you don’t have to pass the bar to write something that would pass muster in court.

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