History Professors Give Obama B-, Mark Him Down For Not Being Liberal Enough

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President Barack Obama’s report card is in, and it looks like he’s barely pulling a B-.

History professors from across the nation weighed in on Obama’s job performance, and even some his biggest fans – left-leaning scholars – consider him average, even disappointing. But don’t get too excited, thinking Ivory Tower educators may be starting to see the light.

The unimpressive grade is not because of Obama’s: dismal foreign policy blunders; the massive increase in domestic spy tactics against Americans under his watch; the mishandling of the economy as we face the decade-mark under the Great Recession; the exponential increase during his tenure of federal government intrusion in American’s lives, local school systems, and what we eat and how we protect our homes and families; or his apparent tacit approval of the IRS targeting and harassing conservatives and Christians.

No, none of that. According to George Mason University’s History News Network, which conducted the poll, professors marked him down for not being liberal enough, for not pushing the socialist agenda further.

George Mason University’s History News Network conducted the poll via email in the spring, asking 679 American history professors at a wide variety of different colleges across the nation to give Obama a letter grade on 15 subcategories, plus an overall grade. Of the 203 historians who responded, they gave him an overall B-, with complaints such as:

* The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) “did not go far enough”

* The prosecution of Bradley Manning

* The failure to close Guantanamo Bay

* Drone strikes against terrorists

And what were they happy with?

“Just about the only aspect of Barack Obama’s presidency which has received universal praise from historians has been the president’s Supreme Court appointments,” the pollsters state. “Both Elena Kagan and especially Sonia Sotomayor are highly respected by academics.”

Professors gave Obama a C for his relationship with Congress, blaming Republicans for gridlock and partisan politics in their comments, according to the results.

Other praise for Obama by faculty included:

* They gave him an A- in both the “integrity” and “crisis management” categories

* They also credited him for ending the Iraq War and killing Osama bin Laden.

“Overall, historians were remarkably consistent in their judgment: Barack Obama was a promising presidential candidate and possesses sterling personal leadership qualities, but his administration has merely been adequate in delivering results,” the poll found.

Obama’s overall grade as president, a B-, garnered a 2.97 grade-point average, which would be consistent with his college grades.

History Professors Give Obama B-, Mark Him Down For Not Being Liberal Enough.

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