Is Home Schooling your Kids Damaging them Socially?

Feb 1, 2018 by

by Michael Sharp –

A few years ago I took my kids out of school to protect them from the physical, emotional, and psychological violence of the toxic socialization and indoctrination they experienced there. My goal was (and is) to ensure they emerge from their childhood unscathed, undamaged, and ready to connect.

My only concern over the years has been lack of social contact. Are they being emotionally/psychologically stunted by their isolation in the home? Turns out, the answer to that question is no. A recent study finds that online friendships are just as significant and meaningful as “real life” ones, meaning my kids are missing out less than some might argue. This is great. Digital culture has created an opportunity to “save” our kids from the toxic socialization and Bodily Ego-damaging experiences in the K12 system.

With more and more home schooling options becoming available all the time, at least in Alberta, Canada where I live, and with more and more parents opting in, maybe it is time we make a faster shift. We should take some of the money we save on salary, educators, and bloated and unnecessary administration, and pay actual teachers (or student teachers) to rotate between homes for weekly tutoring and support sessions with parents and kids.

This is how our family has been doing it, so we have a practical model of how this would work. We pay 25 dollars an hour for a student teacher (recently accredited) to come to our house and tutor our kids on standard curriculum supplied by the Alberta Government.  If the government made that commensurate with current teacher salaries, and funded them fully for families who cannot afford, that teacher could easily handle six home sessions a week. If the cost of educating our kids is a concern, economies of scale could be achieved by asking these traveling educators to put up to two families together into one session (so the kids from one household would be tutored at the home of a friend) so they could tutor between 3 and 5 students per session.

Obviously, home schooling your kids is not for everybody, and so regular schooling systems could chug alongside. I hazard to say though, some (perhaps many) parents of all genders, would make the choice to home school their children if they received a stipend, and if teachers or student teachers could be sent in for support. From my perspective, this is a great way to avoid the damage done by toxic socialization.

Of course, one very important assumption must hold here, and that is home is a safe environment that children don’t need to escape from. This is not true of all homes. Indeed, many homes are unsafe and in them children experience forms of violence and abuse worse than they experience at school (in what modern schools are children whipped with belts and beaten with spoons?). The children in our family thrive in homeschooling because we have a “no violence” rule in our home. This means no physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual violence. This sort of environment is an absolutely essential prerequisite for safe and effective homeschooling. It makes no sense to home school children in a home where they are not safe. If you do, you will likely end up with more disjuncture, disconnection, and pathology than if they had the escape that school would represent in this unfortunate situation.

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