Home or away – is student accommodation becoming a luxury?

May 26, 2015 by

With the price of university halls or digs doubling in a decade, we look at the pros and cons of living with your parents while studying

For Abla Klaa, one of the main perks of living with her parents while studying is that the fridge is always stocked. “I’m saved from worrying about grocery shopping or choosing between a greasy takeaway or cooking dinner – if I knew how to,” says Klaa, a second-year broadcast journalism student at Leeds University. The downside is she has to help do the dishes “and make sure the state of my room meets my mum’s impossible standards of cleanliness”.

For prospective students, deciding whether to go away to university or stay at home is becoming more pressing.

According to the National Union of Students, the price of student accommodation has doubled over the past decade, pushing living costs for a student outside London to more than £12,000 a year. With the maximum loan less than half that, at £5,740, maintenance grants frozen, and the prospect of adding to considerable tuition fee debts after graduation, leaving home to study begins to look like a luxury.

Source: Home or away – is student accommodation becoming a luxury? | Education | The Guardian

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