Homeschool your way out of Common Core

May 29, 2016 by

By Edward B. Driscoll Jr. –

Common Core is the educational standards program that everyone loves to hate – except the people who set policy for America’s public schools. That’s one reason why more parents are opting to homeschool instead.

But homeschooling parents shouldn’t be complacent about the threat posed by the Common Core crusaders, warns the e-book “Homeschooling: Fighting for My Children’s Future.” The companies behind college entrance exams are aligning their questions with the Common Core curriculum.

“If your homeschooled children plan to go to attend college someday,” Paula Bolyard writes, “the way things currently stand, they will be tested on Common Core ‘achievements and behavior.’ That means you may need to consider altering your curriculum to align with the standards.”

The essay is one of three on Common Core that Bolyard penned in the book, which includes 26 essays from the pages of PJ Media. Together they paint a picture of a public education system in turmoil and homeschooling as one way out of the mess.

The section on Common Core opens with a list of the 10 worst homework assignments based on those standards. The examples are from eight states (Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada, Ohio and Rhode Island) and cover several grades, illustrating the breadth and depth of Common Core’s reach.

Source: Homeschool your way out of Common Core

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