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Horror Video *GRAPHIC*: Muslim brutally beats elderly Jewish man in Brooklyn

Oct 15, 2018 by

Islamic Jew hatred

Islamic Jew-hatred. It’s a religious imperative under Islam. And we are commanded to respect the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth.

The attack occurred in Boro Park in Brooklyn, as the 62-year-old victim was walking to a synagogue. Boro Park is a very well known Jewish neighborhood. The savage, Farrukh Afzal, a taxi driver, saw him, stopped his cab and beat him.

Respect Islam!

Exclusive interview: Mr. Schwartz said he was on his way to Shul, walking down 13th Ave. when he suddenly heard a short stop and saw the driver jumping out of the car. “I instantly froze, hoping he’s running past me” he said. But the attacker seemed to target him in what police are calling a hate crime.

The victim said he saw death before his eyes. “In that instant I saw death for my eyes, I saw two choices, either I fight back and wrestle myself out of this attack or…”

Luckily another passerby saw the attack which caused the perpetrator to run from the scene.

Mr. Schwartz said a passerby stopped the attacker from running and immediately called NYPD and Shomrim which assisted the NYPD in apprehending the suspect.

The suspect, Farrukh Aszal, a 37-year-old resident from from Staten Island, has been charged with a bias crime, criminal mischief for breaking the victim’s glasses, and harassment. He has 8 priors arrests on his record

“I want to thank the NYPD, Shomrim and Hatzolah for saving my life,” Mr. Schwartz said. Adding the names of Mr. Yidel Perlstein, Chairman of Community Board 12, and Mr. Yanky Meyer, President of Misaskim for assisting him throughout the day.

NYPD says Brooklyn attack was a hate crime

New York police determine the assault of an Orthodox Jewish man in Brooklyn was a hate crime.

By Elad Benari, Israel National News, October 15, 2018:

New York police have determined that the assault of an Orthodox Jewish man in Brooklyn on Sunday morning was a hate crime.

According to a report on NBC New York, the attacker has been charged with assault as a hate crime.

The attacker, identified by the NYPD as Farrukh Afzal, 37, was also charged with criminal mischief and harassment, according to the report.

Police said they found Afzal beating a 62-year-old man at 46th Street and 13th Avenue in Boro Park.

The victim was taken to Maimonides Hospital in stable condition with cuts, pain and bruises to his head, police said.

The incident occurred on Church Avenue in Brooklyn, as the victim was walking to a synagogue on nearby 13th Avenue at approximately 7:30 a.m. While the victim was making his way to the synagogue, a taxi marked “Church Ave. Car Service” pulled up to the curb, and the driver exited the vehicle.

Video of the incident showed that the driver shouted at the victim, and then proceeded to physically assault him, punching the victim in the face repeatedly.

State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who represents the neighborhood, said the victim is an Orthodox Jew and added that a second man was attacked when he approached to help.

“Watching the video of the incident or just hearing about it is traumatizing—especially to children and the elderly here, many of which survived the Holocaust,” Hikind said in a statement.

“This isn’t the wild west—this is Borough Park,” he added. “We won’t allow violent, hateful behavior taking place on our streets.”

Yaakov Hagoel, Vice Chairman of the World Zionist Organization, commented on the incident on Sunday.

“It is painful and difficult to see a Jew in his 60s brutally beaten in the heart of our friend, the United States, by someone who tries to sabotage the close ties between the American people and American Jewry solely because of their Jewishness. It is important to respond quickly to those violent people and to ensure that they are brought to justice,” he said, calling on local authorities to act “so that every Jew in the US can walk the streets safely like any other citizen.”

Source: Horror Video *GRAPHIC*: Muslim brutally beats elderly Jewish man in Brooklyn – Geller Report

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