How business leaders can help schools

May 11, 2018 by

Of all of the big ideas for improving the sorry state of education in Michigan, the one that holds the most promise is finding the smartest and most dedicated people to stand at the front of classrooms.

Great schools start with great teachers. If a school has a mediocre faculty, it’ll turn out mediocre students, no matter how much accountability, testing, curriculum changes and other structural reforms are imposed.

Great teachers, though, are getting harder to find, and to keep. The profession is out of favor with college students, who are chasing degrees they believe will bring them more money and a more glamorous work life.

While in previous generations, teaching, along with nursing, offered opportunities for women who were shut out of other professions, today they have the full range of options, and fewer are choosing teaching.

Graduates who do go into the field stay an average of only five years, finding the stress of melding a classroom of over-indulged and hyper-stimulated children into scholars not worth the aggravation.

Source: Finley: How business leaders can help schools

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