How Can a Healthy Lifestyle Lead to a Good Education?

Aug 29, 2019 by

Did you know that by encouraging your child to eat healthy foods and take part in physical activities, you can help to improve their education? That’s right; research shows that healthy students are better learners!

Here are some great tips from Laude Altillo English on how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your family routine and help to boost your child’s development…


Make breakfast part of your morning routine. Start their day off with a healthy breakfast and they will feel the benefits, both physically and mentally. Try to choose foods that are rich in fibre and protein to help keep your child’s concentration levels up throughout the day.


Water is essential to your child’s wellbeing and their learning abilities. Try to encourage your child to stay hydrated at school and drink between six to eight glasses of water a day. Pack a reusable water bottle in their school bag so that they always have a drink available. Even the mildest dehydration can affect your child’s mood and cognitive performance.


Be a good role model for your child and demonstrate a healthy lifestyle of your own. Make healthy choices including healthy eating and regular physical activity. Try to walk to school instead of driving and take part in regular exercises with your child, such as swimming or cycling. By modelling healthy habits, you will not only encourage your child to follow your behaviour, but your own health will benefit too!

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