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Can philosophy turn you into a better person? These days, it seems like most of the things we experience pass us by and we don’t have the time to sit back and enjoy the view of everything. Social media, TV, the many ads you’ll come across in just one day will distract you from the things that truly matter in your life.

Studying philosophy, whether you plan to do it professionally or as a hobby, can help you understand the meaning of life. Of course, it sounds pretty broad and there’s no amount of reading you can do in a year to understand the point of your existence. Maybe there isn’t one since every existence is ephemeral.

Let’s look at several ways that philosophy can actually make you better at existing and ‘adulting’.

It can teach you how to construct a logical argument

Discussing heavy concepts is no easy feat, and many times, you’ll end up feeling a little frustrated that you didn’t have the right idea at the right time or that you weren’t able to set that someone right. Well, here’s where philosophy comes in handy. One of its basis is that you always have to define your terms and make an outline of your logical sequence.

You’ll be able to defend your point of view without giving the feeling that you’re being argumentative. And don’t forget — no one can take you seriously if you raise the tone and try to make your point by stomping your feet. You need real arguments presented logically, so you need to know the basics of philosophy.

It can help you become realistic

Yes, you read that right. While most individuals who live in the real world and who are far busier to put food on the table, have a job and worry about their assignments, and about being a responsible adult will tell you that philosophy doesn’t mean anything because it’s not practical, that is actually a gross misconception.

First of all, not all philosophical currents or sub-domains are the same. Sure, some will help you become a thinker, but others will assist you in becoming a doer.

We can all learn from the advice of Marcus Aurelius, one of the greatest stoics in history. According to him, you can never have a too general view of things. Understanding that we’re much smaller than what we might think will help us build better plans, whether they are in our professional or personal sides of life.

It’s great for school

It’s actually a pity that philosophy isn’t taught in school a lot earlier and that students are usually taught this subject when they’re past the age of 16.

With its capability of making students learn how to structure an argument, philosophy can come in handy when it comes to putting together an essay, creating a cover letter, or developing a top-notch resume. These are all things that are extremely helpful in the long run, and no one can tell you otherwise.  

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