How children, adults and seniors can benefit from learning music?

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Long Island is home to many famous national and international musicians. Whether they are stars of the rock and roll scene like Lou Reed, or they have shaped the folk-rock scene like Harry Chapin; they have left a lasting mark on the people and culture of the island. It might be just 0.35 miles away from the East Coast of the USA, but it is light years away from the bustle of the NYC city life. People always associate Long Island with music, beautiful autumn evenings and the calm surroundings. If you reside on the island or nearby, you will find it difficult to avoid the musical charm of Long Island.

Long Island gives the people of the United States a taste of global music. The music scene evolves with the rest of the world. The locals often find multiple new music festivals across the island. Sometimes, it is a memorial for the 70s rock bands, at other times, it is a pop performance by the island’s top pop bands. The island draws an impressive number of celebrity performers each year for their residents. People drive hundreds of kilometers to experience the Long Island music scene first-hand.

For the residents of Long Island, there is no reason to give in to their natural musical talent sets. There are plenty of music schools on Long Island that offers lessons for children, adults, and seniors.

Why is music important for children?

Children should learn music to improve their cognitive abilities. Research has shown that practicing the piano or the violin can increase a child’s ability to understand, remember and learn new things. It contributes to enhanced brain plasticity in the growing kids. Children, who take music lessons early in their lives perform well later in life. They are often more successful than the non-musical kids of the same age. Music can boost self-esteem, improves social skills, develops hand-eye coordination, and introduces the children to new cultures. Music competitions and workshops allow children to explore new cultures and social groups. They make friends easily and develop healthy social relationships. Research shows that music improves academic skills in children.

Why should adults learn music?

Music is a necessary release for adults. Most of us cannot imagine driving to and from work without our favorite jam on the stereo. We need music to relax, sleep, drive, bathe and work out. Music not only soothes the senses, but it releases relaxing neurotransmitters in our brain that facilitates learning and improves comprehensive skills. Research shows that music lessons can reduce anxiety and stress. It promotes overall health. It improves overall mental and physical health in adults. Several music schools in Long Island offer specialized classes for adults. They usually have flexible timings and extended duration. Finding music teachers for grownups is not challenging on the island.

How do seniors benefit from music lessons?

Seniors often need something positive in their lives to make their days brighter and meaningful. After retiring from your day job, you might find the days endless and the nights sleepless. Music will help you sleep. At the same time, practicing the piano, cello or violin can help senior citizens fight off dementia and other neurodegenerative conditions. Playing music keeps your fingers nimble and keeps arthritis at bay. Practicing music regularly increases life expectancy and improves the quality of life. Are you ready to start the second innings of your life with a kick? Then you should check out the music schools on Long Island that cater exclusively to the necessities of senior adults. You will often find seniors at special music classes on Long Island mastering new instruments or taking vocal training for carving a new future.

In short, everyone should learn music. It is true that some people are born with the gift of music. They often have perfect pitch, and they can master almost all instruments in the world with little to no effort. However, it is also true that music can be a talent to acquire. Not all musicians and singers that perform on international platforms today were always good. Some were horrible before they started taking music lessons and voice coaching classes. Some famous singers like Ed Sheeran are open about it, but others are just too embarrassed to admit it. 

Music is not always inborn. You have to work hard to perfect your musical talent. Whether it is playing the piano, or mastering the violin; you need to keep at it until it sounds right. In short, music is a lot more about practice, commitment and tenacity than it is about innate talent. If you have grown up in a musical environment with a musically-inclined family, you are more likely to be familiar with your cords. However, not getting an early exposure in life is not a good enough reason to not learn music at all.

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