How different industries will use AR/VR software in 2019

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Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two things that once we met only on the pages of books or in films in the science fiction genre. Thanks to the great scientists, any, even the wildest fantasy become reality. These two concepts are familiar to every person, even that who has heard this combination of words for the first time frowning with bewilderment on the face and a question mark in the eyes. In 2019 they will continue to be actively used in even more areas of life.


It’s not a secret to anyone that AR and VR were first used by the military. In order to create conditions close to life for training, reaction improvement and testing various strategies using virtual reality. While the augmented reality helped to navigate in space better: so being on completely unfamiliar terrain buildings, which were the guidelines for high-speed movement and search “came to life” on the maps. Custom virtual reality software development has been taking great strides forward. The time when the military and pilots will not have to be personally present in the hot spots is not that distant, and they will be able to do their service in their homeland and control the course of military operations safely.


Since there is nothing more valuable than health and human life, this industry never stands still. Virtual reality and augmented reality are already used in medicine in one way or another. In 2019, with the help of these technologies, remote operations will reach a new level and will allow connecting patients and doctors located in different parts of the planet for a more accurate result. It is applicable not only in surgery. Let’s say in dentistry it will be possible to “look into the future” and look at how the patient’s smile will be after the treatment.


Builders and architects also do not avoid the use of new technologies, which include VR and AR. The very first thing that comes to mind (and what is already being actively used) is the opportunity to remotely see and feel all the charm of the decoration and the atmosphere of the dwelling that the client is going to buy or rent. In the near future, gadgets will help with the implementation of a more global idea – to calculate everything to the smallest detail at the planning stage, up to security systems and possible infrastructure near the actual building.


Who else but young people are interested in the development of new technologies? Gadgets are their best friends; youth spend most of their spare time with it. Parents and teachers cannot fully influence the changes in this situation, so people had to make such a pastime informative. Why not? All around the world, VR and the AR have already been used in lessons and lectures to fully immerse students in the process. The level of memorization of information increases by 2.5 times, as well as the motivation of students whose age ranges from 3 to 25 years old. Using VR-gadgets in the near future, people will be able not only to be anywhere on the Earth but also to interact with each other, empirically gain skills without real damage in the real world.

Virtual and augmented realities are still not so deeply rooted in our lives, but the start has been made. The development of such technologies in various industries makes us look to the future with curiosity.

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