How Do I Find a Tutor for My Child?

Jul 8, 2020 by

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on physical learning environments, many educational institutions have turned to online learning in order to make it safer for students to continue their education. The problem? Online learning can make it difficult for some students to grasp certain concepts and get the in-person help that they need to thrive, especially in more difficult topics like math. In order to get them the help that they need, some parents will consider reaching out to a tutor who can work with their child one-on-one. But how exactly do you find a high-quality tutor, and what should you be looking for when you are looking to hire one? If getting a tutor for your child is on your to-do list, here are some tips on how to find the best one for you.


1. Consider looking beyond local resources to experienced tutoring companies.

The first place that parents may seek help from is local resources or people that they already know. While this can be one way to get your child help in the subject that they struggle with, you may want to consider turning to help from a professional tutoring company instead. For example, if your child needs math help, enlisting the help of a math tutor from an experienced company like HelloThinkster can guarantee that you are getting the best possible support available. Whereas local tutors may have some experience or offer familiarity, tutors from innovative companies like HelloThinkster make sure that their tutors have the right background and skills necessary to properly teach your child and support their educational growth. In the end, it is best to work with an option that will help your child get the results they want.

2. Make sure your tutor has both experience and the personality traits needed to carry your child to their goals.

Tutors must have the educational background and specialized skills needed to handle your children’s schoolwork and homework, no matter whether your student’s needs lie in more basic subjects like geometry or complex classes like calculus. Unfortunately, parents may only look at these qualifications when looking to hire a tutor. In addition to the right skill set, the person you choose to hire should also have the right personality to connect with, encourage, and motivate your child in their educational endeavors. If a tutor does not create space for growth and has difficulty connecting with your child, it will do more harm than good to your child’s learning experience and performance.

3. Become more involved in the process of helping your child.

Parenting means leading by example. Find a tutor that you can connect with and who you can learn from as well. Then, when your child needs help, you may be able to provide them with some of the support that they need. Additionally, if subjects like math are something that they do not enjoy, you can become more involved with them by turning math into a game and making it an activity rather than a chore. When your tutor can teach both you and your child something, THAT is someone worth hiring.

Finding a tutor is a decision that requires careful thought and consideration. Of course, it can be difficult to understand what you should be looking for if you have never hired a tutor before. If you plan on getting your child help for a complex subject like math, use the guide above to gain some insight on what makes a great tutor and what you should be looking for when you begin reaching out to tutors for your child.

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