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Vaping is a rather new activity (if we compare to cigarettes and pipes). It is quite popular among young people since its first market appearance in 2008. Nowadays it is more likely to see a teenager with a vape pen than with a Tetris in the street. (Does modern youth actually know what Tetris is?)
Vaping becomes a problem these days. People know that it is popular, but they are hardly aware of the possible adverse effects on health and the environment.
So how does vaping affect your health? – It does not matter if you smoke yourself or you are just a second-hand smoker, but the consequences of vaping may be harmful in both cases.

Effect #1. Addiction

New Vaperevs vape pens are not less addictive than the usual cigarettes. Though some vaping liquids that contain no nicotine, the majority of vapers still use liquids that have some concentration of nicotine. The hidden reef here is that first, you may use less nicotine than the usual cig contain, but then – when you drop into vaporizing – you increase the dose. This resembles drug addiction, and de facto it is. With time, you start using more tobacco that you could have been consuming if you were smoking the usual cigarettes. Now there are some special cartridges on the market, which contain a higher concentration of nicotine in the substance. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that there exist some vape pens for weed, so innocent vaping may grow into drug addiction.

Effect #2. Encouragement to smoke more.

There is a stereotype that vape pen is less addictive and can help you to quit smoking. That is absolute rubbish! Recent surveys proved that about 80% of people who use any kind of vaporizer pen are “dual users”, which means that they but vaping, they smoke regular cigarettes as well. By vaping, you simply increase the contribution of nicotine and become more addicted. This affects your mental health and makes you a slave of smoking.
Though some adults really quit after vaping, more and more teenagers are getting hooked on vaping. The advertising, celebrities, funny names, the desire to look ‘cool’ – this everything makes them vaping. When adults vape because of stress or habit, teenagers vape because it is popular. This also negatively influence their mental health.

Effect #3. Chemicals.

You consider vaping to be less harmful than smoking because you do not inhale the smoke but the steam? That is a myth. The thing is that liquids for vaporizer pen may contain a wide range of different unhealthy chemicals. The list of ingredients varies from one flavor to another. People usually do not know which and how many chemicals are in their vaping liquid. They usually are lead, cadmium, beryllium, nickel, and chromium. The thing is that they are in every leaf of any tobacco plant and even taking into account the fact that you do not burn tobacco while vaping, you inhale the heated nicotine (some of the nicotine is produced from tobacco plants, so it is the vicious circle!).

Effect #4. Heart attack.

Did you know that vaping doubles the risk of heart attack? The non-profit Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco published the results of the survey that says that the most dangerous is the “double use”, which we were talking above. In this case, the risks are much higher. E-cigs also somehow affect blood vessels, which also increases the risk of heart attack.

Effect #5. Reproductive system.

All of us know that it is unlikely to smoke when you are pregnant. However, what about vaping? Is it safe? Definitely no! You use nicotine anyway, and it does not matter if you inhale it with vapor steam or with cigarette’s smoke. The lesser of evils is the baby born with low birth weights. In addition, there is a risk of crib death. Even if you use nicotine-free liquids, they contain other chemicals, which can affect the central nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems of your future baby. If we look through the problem more in-depth, we can find pieces of evidence of the possibility of developing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). SIDS is a syndrome, having which an infant may die within a year after having been born.

Effect #6. Cancer.

Cancer is one of the most deterrent diagnoses that a person can ever hear. Vape pen does not bring harmful tars in your bloodstream, but there are some other hidden rocks. Flavors. Yes, these different funny and tasty names – unicorn, coffee, pumpkin, latte, candy, bubble gum, piper mint, pancakes. Have you ever thought what kinds of chemicals they contain?
When you inhale vapor, you breathe in many chemicals that cause cancer. Heavy metals, formaldehyde and many other microparticles that cave in the tissue of the lungs. One of the problems is that you can never calculate what and how much of these chemicals you get during vaping. Some studies show that high-voltage vaporizer pen may contain the larger amount of toxins (such as formaldehyde) than other pen vaporizers. Researches proved that such kinds of flavorings as cinnamon may trigger lung cells inflammation. This overall can provoke cancer.

Effect #7. Bronchiolitis obliterans.

Bronchiolitis obliterans – this scary and challenging name is also known as Popcorn Lungs. One of the most widespread chemicals in different flavorings is diacetyl. Everything starts with a severe dry cough. It does not go away for a long time. Then shortness of breath comes. The other symptoms may be a headache, aches, fever, wheezing, etc. Diacetyl scars the tiny airs sacs in the lungs, which narrows and thickens your airways. The most dangerous flavors in this attitude are vanilla, coconut, candy, maple, caramel and fruit flavors.
So being a rather pleasant and popular activity, still vaping remains extremely dangerous for your health. It has an influence on both physical and mental health. Everybody has the right to a free choice of what to do, but we are to make you aware of the possible consequences.

About the author: Christina Matthews, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry. Now she studies the effects of vaping on health and reasons of such its popularity.

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