How Families Can Improve Their English And Still Enjoy The Sights In London

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Making the most out of a visit to London is always tough when family members struggle to speak English, but for parents looking to improve their child’s – and their own- English it can be hard to combine this with an engaging and enjoyable family holiday.

To help, here are some of the techniques you can use and the solutions you can incorporate into your holiday to ensure your child leaves having improved their English skills and had a great time too.

Take A Tour

Touring a specific venue or area with a guide will help you and your family enjoy the sights and enhance your English comprehension. Some tours even offer headsets that can translate the tour for you, so you can try and match up the guide’s words with the translations. There are loads of great tours on offer in London, so there’ll be something for every family to enjoy.

Attend A Lecture

London is filled with incredible institutes of learning, many of which offer free lectures on a variety of topics. Attending an informal lecture or talk with your family on a topic you’re all interested in will help you all improve your understanding and get used to hearing English spoken quickly. You could even head down to Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, where individuals can speak on the topics of their choosing in front of the public.

Enrol In A Summer School

For children who are really struggling to learn English, or who need to improve their skills for the next chapter of their lives, a summer school could be the perfect option. At this summer school in London, parents can study with their children. There is the option of a half day course, so children can learn in the morning and then see the sights in the afternoon.

Go Somewhere With Signs

Reading is a great way to improve your language skills, so visit one of London’s many museums, libraries or botanical gardens, and read their signs. Most of them are written in simple English and some are even translated into other languages to help those who are still learning. Read the sign in your own language and then re-read it in English to help you learn and improve.

Have A Translation App Handy

Downloading a translation app onto your phone before you arrive in London will make it easier for you if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t make yourself understood. There are a number of great translation apps on the market so you can choose one that suits you and keep it ready just in case. Remember not to rely on it too much, as this will mean that you and your family won’t learn as much during your trip. (why is that?)

Go Out As Part Of A Group

If you have friends or family in London who have better English skills than yours then go out as a big group so that you can all support one another and you can learn how they use basic phrases and undertake common tasks like ordering meals and dealing with social situations. This will improve your language skills and mean that you and your family always have people there to help you if you struggle to understand or make yourselves understood.

Take In A Show

London’s West End is renowned around the world for its incredible performances, so why not take your family to see a show? This will allow you all to hear English being spoken and help you to immerse yourselves in London’s incredible culture. Many shows are internationally performed, so you all may already understand the story, which will help you to learn English as you watch.

Jump Right In

It might seem daunting to just start speaking to people without a complete grasp of English, but often this is the best way to learn. Take your family to areas where they don’t speak your language and order food, ask for directions or simply interact with those around you. You’ll be surprised how much you pick up very quickly just by spending time talking.

Learning English is notoriously difficult, so be patient with your child, your family and yourself, and take the time to use your trip to London to improve your skills and see the sights with these helpful tips. It might be a long journey towards true fluency for your children, but if you don’t take the first step alongside them then you’ll regret it later. Using your trip to London as a chance to improve and enhance their comprehension is a great way to bond with them and help them learn a skill they can take with them throughout the rest of their lives.

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