How is learning objectives beneficial for a student?

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Learning objectives in education are the brief statements that convey what the student is going to be taught by the end of the class period, course, unit or school year. We can even refer it as the interim academic goals established by teachers for helping students in achieving more comprehensive learning standards.

Writing learning objectives may seem arduous to some tutors as they appear to be merely a repetition of the content they are going to teach.

Skipping the stages of jotting down the learning objectives can cause educators and students to fritter countless hours on projects that have little to do with the concept that is being taught. This is when we apprehend the importance of learning objectives.

The ideal learning objectives are not simply a list of topics; rather they demonstrate the skills and applicable knowledge in which the pupil will master. Here we’ve listed some benefits that come along the path of having a learning objective in education.

Learning objectives help students to understand what is important

Learning objectives gives the student an idea of what they are supposed to be learning. If a teacher extensively talks about a case, it’s become a bit harder and puzzling for the student to determine where to direct their attention.

Do they really need to know the details of that specific case? Or gleaning the principles from the example is the motto of the lecture? Was it just a “war-story” to keep amused the troops?

When the tutor has no answers to all these questions students will end up wasting a great deal of time studying things that are not necessary. The uncertainty also leads its way to unnecessary anxiety.

Learning objectives allow good assessment development

Going through the learning objectives and making sure they are assessed will ensure that the assessment is fair and applied to the course.

Having a blueprint of what we really want the students to get will make it easier to write fair and comprehensive assessments.

Learning objectives enable students to plan accordingly

Learning objectives can also be utilized for developing learning activities to engage learners in ways that counterpart the desired learning outcome.

Learning objectives persuade reflection and good course design and development

Writing and reviewing the learning objectives in a course enables the tutor to identify the level of learning that is specified in each course.

For instance, lower level learning objectives are acceptable for an entry-level course. However, higher course calls for some serious thinking to create learning objective.

Learning objectives helps student managing learning

Learning objectives influence student for a more active role in managing the learning. They can use the objectives to steer their learning efforts such as choosing appropriate resource and reading selectively. It also helps the student in self-evaluation.

Learning objectives produce new insights

Clarifying objectives before the lesson may bring major changes in the way of learning for a student. The students will better understand the concept in less time without pondering about what the instructor is actually trying to convey.


As said by philosopher Seneca, “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” When you know where you are heading to, it’s become easier to get there. Likewise, well-written learning objectives provide guidelines for assessing student progress.

The goal of every student is to learn. But if they don’t know what they should be able to do at the end of class, it is impossible for them to achieve that goal. Whether you are a teacher or a student, learning objectives are equally important for accomplish your aspiration.

In the end, your judgment will be the final arbiter of learning objectives’ usefulness.

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