How Naive Can We Americans Be?

Nov 26, 2011 by

by Donna Garner

I am highly troubled today not only about the information presented by Robert Spencer in his 11.22.11 American Thinker article entitled “Rick Perry’s Jihad Problem” —  —  but also because of recent developments in Texas and across America.

My question is this:  “How naive can we Americans be?”

As I stated on 9.10.11 when the Gov. Perry…Aga Khan issue first arose:

My real concern, however, is where is Gov. Perry on the issue of the Fethullah Gulen-Turkish-Cosmos Foundation-Harmony Charter (Public) Schools?  Since there are 36 of these highly controversial charter schools right here in Texas, what is Gov. Perry’s stance on these?  We do not want another President in the White House who does not recognize the serious threat that the world is under because of jihad and the Muslim terrorists.  

I believe that Gov. Perry needs to make a very clearly worded statement on this issue, and it better not be a bunch of rhetoric cloaked in political doubletalk either.  We voters deserve to know where Gov. Perry stands and whether he is willing to lose a few Muslim voters by his taking a principled position to protect America from Muslim indoctrination and Sharia law.

Please read the articles about Turkey, its decision to expel the Israeli ambassador on 9.3.11, and Turkey’s fall into the hands of the Islamists.  The same model used by the Islamists to gain control of Turkey is being used in our own country, using the Turkish-Gulen-Cosmos Foundation-Harmony Public Schools: .


On 11.14.11, we learned that the Turkish –Gulen – Cosmos Foundation – Harmony Public Schools are taking bids to build the new Harmony School of Business in Dallas, Texas:

Then today (11.22.11) Austin ISD announced it has formed a compact with eight charter school operators including Turkish – Gulen – Cosmos Foundation – Harmony Public Schools:

The AISD Superintendent said, “…the compact is needed to pursue a $100,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”


Here is a link to a list of the Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11

(  ).  Since this list was published, there have been more such attacks including the one revealed on 11.21.11 by the New York Police Department in which Islamist jihadist Jose Pimentel was foiled in his attempt to kill GI’s returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

How can we Americans be so foolish as to hand over our hard-earned taxes to the Turkish – Gulen – Cosmos Foundation – Harmony Public Schools so that they can in turn indoctrinate our nation’s children to turn against America?

How many more terrorist attacks will our nation have to endure before we realize that the terrorists are living among us and are indoctrinating our children’s minds with Islamist Sharia beliefs?

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