How one school district tackled assaults on teachers

Apr 5, 2018 by

Enfield was one of the first districts to hire armed security after a gunman killed students and educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

Since then, the district has retreated from employing so many security staff to protect students from outside threats and is focusing its efforts and resources on another school safety issue: assaults on teachers by students.

Statewide, there has been a lack of progress in stemming aggressive student behaviors as student suspension and expulsion rates steadily decline. That dynamic has fueled a debate over whether the state’s push to reduce student suspensions and expulsions – and instead provide students with supports so they can stay in school – actually is working to make schools safer.

It’s a debate taking place nationally as well in the aftermath of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. President Donald Trump recently announced that his education secretary will lead a school safety commission to consider repealing Obama administration school discipline policies that are aimed at keeping more children in school and reducing glaring racial and ethnic disparities in who gets suspended, expelled or arrested.

Source: How one school district tackled assaults on teachers – The CT MirrorThe CT Mirror

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