How Online Courses Can Improve Life on Campus

Jul 26, 2013 by

Morgan SimpsonSince when has anything being been a proper blend on a college campus?

The future of on-campus learning lies in the right combination of digital and traditional tools

By Robert A. Lue

When I taught my first online course more than a decade ago, I was an oddity in my department. My primary motivation was to share information about the biology of HIV as part of an overall effort to combat the many misconceptions surrounding AIDS in the public mind. The course was made up of video captures of in-class lectures that were transmitted to the world as part of our continuing education programs.

Today the situation is markedly different. In May 2012 Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced the creation of edX, an institutional partnership aimed at expanding access to high-quality education through online classes while also transforming teaching and learning on our respective campuses. Faculty interest in online teaching has climbed, even as healthy dialogue continues on the potential impact of making these classes so widely available on the Web.

via How Online Courses Can Improve Life on Campus: Scientific American.

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