How San Diego Schools Handle Threats Of Mass Violence

Mar 4, 2018 by

San Diego law enforcement have investigated at least 45 school shooting threats since 2014. They believe they’ve stopped two planned attacks.

In 1999, two armed teenagers opened fire at Columbine High School in Colorado, killing 13 people. The rampage left a stain on America’s consciousness, but also an important legacy. It inspired a forensic psychologist named Dewey Cornell to develop a threat assessment tool for schools.

Today that tool is widely used — especially in recent weeks. Since the school shooting in Florida last month, San Diego-area schools and law enforcement have fielded at least nine threats.

“The level of proof we’re looking for is 100 percent certainty,” said Bob Mueller, who heads student support services for the San Diego County Office of Education. “So based on the circumstances of the statement (made), based on the reactions of the people who heard it, based on my interview of the student, based on the student’s history, if I have absolutely no concern then we’re going to call that (threat) transient.

“If I have any doubt at all then I’m going to call it serious.”

Mueller is working with area schools to ensure each has a team trained in this kind of threat assessment. It calls for a multidisciplinary team with an administrator, school psychologist, counselor and law enforcement officer.

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