How SextPanther Finds a Sweet Spot in Texting Culture

Jun 3, 2021 by

Texting has become a primary means of communication, particularly after the pandemic forced us all into virtual worlds. SextPanther is an adult website that has found a way to tap into that demand while creating opportunities for content creators and users alike.

What Is SextPanther?

SextPanther is an adult website that allows people to send sext messages to one another. While the platform was designed mainly for texting, users can engage in phone calls and video calls as well. Content creators apply and, upon verification, can create an account and charge rates for their services. Users can join for free but will need to pay for an upgraded membership if they choose to interact with content creators. SextPanther already has millions of users due to its unique business model and attentive customer service.

Why Is Sexting So Popular?

SextPanther may not have invented this technology, but its team of developers does understand the potential. The industry was already seeing sexting take place on popular apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Texting eliminates many of the social anxieties that people might have and gives them a chance to explore who they are without the pressure to come up with words on the spot. It’s also convenient, allowing people to covertly communicate with one another when they need to. There’s no need to go through pleasantries or worry about what you’ll say in the moment.

During the pandemic, people needed an escape more than ever before, and it was far safer to engage in adult activities online than in person. This website isn’t another app to download but an easy-to-navigate and organized way to fulfill a fantasy without having to compromise health.

What Is SextPanther’s Business Model?

SextPanther gives content creators the chance to build their own businesses while getting support from secure technology and unique marketing opportunities. As they create their accounts, they have options to customize their experiences on the platform.

For instance, creators can give away their phone numbers for free to entice a larger customer base. They can then adjust their rates per message for incoming texts from fans, as well as media sent back and forth. Creators also choose how much they want to earn per minute for phone calls and video calls.

Content creators may limit their services to texting only or decide to open the door to phone or video services. Content creators can charge per minute, per photo, per video, and per text. They set their rates and change them as they see fit. This is a great way for content creators to earn extra income, particularly as the pandemic eliminated countless full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and side hustles.

Content creators are automatically paid twice a month, with a minimum payout requirement of $50 (if earnings are below $50, they roll over to the next month). Content creators are never asked to provide any kind of credit card information at any time on the website.

How Is SextPanther Different From Other Websites?

One of the priorities for the SextPanther team is user experience. Instead of having people download yet another app to their phones, users have a safe website to visit and can communicate directly through SMS text messages while keeping both parties’ phone numbers private. Instead of putting limits on content creators, SextPanther gives people the freedom they need to build out the business they want.

This company is entirely transparent with both its customers and content creators. The terms and conditions are easy to read and understand, making it possible to get questions answered before officially joining the site. If people still have concerns, they can speak with someone from the friendly and knowledgeable customer service team. From troubleshooting to payments, they have the expertise to keep everything running smoothly.

Finally, privacy is paramount for SextPanther. It can be nerve wracking for many people to sign up for any kind of adult service. Content creators and fans alike may fear that their information or identity will be exposed somehow. That’s why the developers of the website have spared no expense when it comes to giving people the security and privacy they need.

How Are Content Creators Screened?

The adult industry hasn’t always had the best reputation. Catfish accounts and bots are relatively common and can quickly cause people to dismiss a company’s potential. To that end, SextPanther screens every content creator by reviewing their legal ID and comparing them to their social presence to ensure that the accounts are legitimate. When customers join, they can browse the different accounts without having to worry about hidden agendas lurking behind every click.

How Is SextPanther Redefining Sexting?

SextPanther has landed on a business model that promotes the people who use the platform. Content creators find it easy and safe to engage with fans. They get to use their creativity to give people a few moments of fantasy and fun in an otherwise demanding world.

Users can browse the SextPanther website for free before deciding if it’s right for them. Once they’ve found a content creator that they want to reach out to, they can choose to sign up and purchase credits if they want to start a conversation or unlock content. We’ve seen how sexting has already permeated the culture, and apps like Snapchat have flourished by offering more protection to users. This company is offering those on its platform the freedom and space they need to enhance their experiences.

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