How the Gulen Movement prepares an area before they open charter schools and businesses

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The Gulen Movement is brilliant at preparing a country, community or state for their scams.  It usually starts with one of their hundreds of Non – Profit dialogue groups.  Lets use Alabama as an exammple.  Back in 2007, they started a small local dialogue group called Peace Valley Foundation.  Robert Mueller who was then ahead of the FBI gave this Alabama Turkish Dialogue Group (Gulen is honorary President) an FBI community award.  As most insiders and researchers of the Gulen Movement know Robert Mueller has long been covering for the Gulen Movement operations going back to the Sibel Edmond’s case – Ex FBI Turkish Translator/ Analyst turned whistle blower who was viciously fired from the FBI and a gag order placed on her.  For simply trying to protect America and doing her job.  

Phase II starts with the Dialogue groups that rope in local leaders, Media,political, Academia and Religious they ripen the area with Turkish introductions via Turkish festivals and at one time sponsored trips to Turkey that they claimed were subsidized by the sale of Gulen books, but the reality is its Taxpayers money laundered via the non profits and extortion of low level H1b Visa Gulen teachers (Tuzuk) .  This was common place in the day when Gulen Movement was allowed to travel to Turkey and controlled soft power in Turkey:  Media, education, judiciary system, police and tourism.  Today no Gulenists is allowed to step foot into Turkey unless they are extradited back to answer to charges.  

Phase III starts with media or academia writing glowing stories of their staged trip to Turkey.




Phase IV is the beginning of opening Turkish operated businesses and schools.   Alabama is now at this phase with the opening of LEAD Academy and Woodland Preparatory School.  Only the Gulen Movement since the FBI raids of 20 of their schools is now using gavurs to open the schools while they have Charter School Management control .Ha rmony Science Academy Founder Dr. Soner Tarim is attempting in Alabama via his newly formed Unity Student Services (USS).  This is also the phase they start their elaborate over the top marketing, Public relations, and Advertising.  You have heard it before “US News and World Report Ranked School”  “100% college Acceptance” “High Performing Charter School”  “98% graduation rate” “Tuition Free Charter School”  
then the photos of local politicians and first lady visit your schools.  You also hide the lawsuits, ex gulenists suing you and speaking out with more glitter in Americans eyes.





Phase V includes more of the above then playing victim how Erdogan and Turkey have performed GENOCIDE on the Gulen Movement that we are pious good muslims only trying to bring good to the people of the world and that American public education is so poor we want to fix it and help American children be successful.  Drown out and Censor the true news about your operations with fluff and nonsense.  
Broad Leadership Educational Academy
STAY TUNED…..will the over the top marketing of the Gulen Movement win or will the people of Washington County win?

Source: How the Gulen Movement prepares an area before they open charter schools and businesses #SonerTarim #Gulen #WoodlandPreparatoryAlabama

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