How Title IX law improves gender equity

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For a long time, women were not considered equal to men. Men believed that they were superior to women, and this led to injustice to women. Particular industries are still male-dominated, such as engineering, medicine, technology, and senior leadership positions.

Gender equity means equal opportunities for both women and men. We are all human beings and can achieve what we set our minds to do. Unfortunately, people still discriminate against each other based on gender, so laws such as Title IX exist.

The law states that students should not be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. As a campus student, you need to know a national Title IX defense lawyer to understand your rights while in school.

What is the importance of gender equity?

Gender equity helps better society. For example, Title IX law protects women, mothers, and pregnant girls from gender discrimination. They should be given an equal opportunity as their male counterparts to participate in any school activities they want. It also enables them to choose any subjects they want to learn while in school, such as math, physics, and software engineering, which are considered male-dominated.

If a school has a men’s basketball team, there should also be a women’s basketball team. To live in a safer and robust community, we need a society that values women and men as equals.

What are schools required to do?

Title IX law requires schools to have procedures that encourage students to report when they experience discrimination based on their gender. Complains can be sexual harassment, physical violence, bullying, or being denied participation in a school activity.

The schools need to have a disciplinary procedure to address such issues when they arise and punish the offenders. Schools can also educate students about the importance of gender equity

How does it apply to athletics?

Athletics are part of education. Both men and women must be presented with equal opportunities to participate in sporting activities. Schools are required to offer equal opportunity to play to both men and women.

Some people get sponsored because of their sports talent. The schools need to ensure that male and female athletes get the scholarships according to their performance and participation.

Both men and women athletes need to get equal equipment and supply, travel and daily expenses, coaching, locker rooms, publicity, promotions, and medical and training facilities.

Who is the beneficiary

The laws benefit everyone, boys, girls, men, and women. Educational institutions need to have policies that don’t allow discrimination of other people based on gender. It might seem like the law favors women, but this is not the case.

It discourages discrimination against girls and women because they have been discriminated against and didn’t have equal opportunities as men for the longest time. However, in today’s world, women are empowered and have access to opportunities as men.

Who enforces the law?

Educational institutions must comply with Title IX. Schools need to make sure that students are aware of their rights by educating them about school policies that need to be followed. The office for civil rights of the US department of education enforces the law. The office for civil rights can develop new policies

The most important thing is that the institutions have policies in place and disciplinary panels that will hear about gender-based discrimination accusations and investigate the matter. Ignored cases can lead to court proceedings which can cause financial damage to the school if found they neglected the issue.


Laws are made to ensure we live in a peaceful society. Long gone are the days that women were considered to be inferior. We are all equal and deserve equal opportunities based on merit and not because of our gender. Title IX law educates us on the importance of gender equity in learning institutions and society.

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