How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Studies

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Most of the people don’t know much anything about plagiarism. Imagine that your friend has invented something very new or generated a new idea which will change the world in a great extent but unfortunately, someone else steal the idea of our friend and took the whole credit how will you feel or what will be the mental situation of your friend. This was the perfect example of plagiarism. In a word plagiarism means copying or stealing someone else’s work or idea and present it as his own, it can happen either unintentionally or deliberately.

Now you must be wondering why I’m saying this types of things to you. It is because today’s world is fully dependent on information as information has become easier to access due to the revolutionary change in the field of technology. Due to this people are indulging in plagiarism willingly or even sometimes without knowing it.

When I was doing my graduation I tried my level best to avoid plagiarism but unfortunately most of the time I failed. However, when I was doing my thesis I made a strong decision to avoid plagiarism at least on my thesis and finally I was successful.

Now I’m going to share those things that I followed to avoid plagiarism in studies:

Get basic Idea:

To avoid plagiarism, you need to get the depth idea about anything which you want to study. If the basic idea is clear then you will be able to avoid plagiarism easily. For example, you want to study about any topic regarding your choice, first of try to get more information about that topic from various sources like books or internet. Then try to arrange all the information together and give them a written form.

From my personal experience, I can say that you will be amazed to see your knowledge about that particular topic and then it will be much more easy to avoid plagiarism.

Give Proper Credit:

Try to give proper credit and mention their name on your project if you have to use their ideas or written. Don’t worry giving credit to others won’t decrees your project value instead of it will make your project more reliable to others and the respect to you will also increase toward you.

Make Your Own Notes:

It is very important to make own notes. If you can make your own notes then the chances of plagiarism are very low. I personally tried to collect information and then I made my own notes. I know making notes is a little bit boring but trust me the benefits of making is beyond describing.

I used to give around 2 hours daily to collect information and make my own notes. In the beginning, you may feel a little bit boring but gradually you will start to like it. So from today start making your own notes and avoid plagiarism.

Don’t Just Cut Copy Past:

If you just cut copy past from different websites and think of yourself that you have collected all the information together and use them as your wish will make your topic unique then I must have to say that what you did it was nothing but others word, not your own words.

My suggestion for you is you can simply summarize the author’s main idea, not the author’s word. If you follow my suggestion, I hope you will be able to get rid of this type of bad habits and the rate of plagiarism will also decrease.

Discuss with Experts:

If you have any confusion regarding your topic, then try to discuss it with others who are actually expert in your topic. This will enrich your knowledge and help you to avoid mistakes in a great extent.

Get Help from Online:

There are lots of websites which helps to check plagiarism free. You can check any of them. From my personal experience, I will recommend you to use plagiarism checker free UK online as it is the best website I have ever used to check plagiarism and it gives accurate results most of the time.

You can also follow these websites to check plagiarism:

  • Grammarly
  • Plagium
  • WriteCheck

If you have any questions regarding the plagiarism checking, please drop a comment below. I will answer soon. By the way, do have any idea how to write a successful e-book that can attract readers on any topics?

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