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Being a leader means different to every person. Some might say that being a leader is to persevere through hardships and guide their constituents through dark cloudy days. Others may feel that leaders are the brains of the operation. Their intellectual capacity is greatly admired by their peers and they turn to him for guidance when planning for the next step as a group. And finally, there are those who inspire to drive a crowd to rally behind him/her. They would follow their leader towards through victory or defeat. Ethan Stiles, Vice President, Product – Food & Lobby at Starbucks, says it is really a combination of all of these. They need to be the strong arm the members know they can lean their backs on and still be compassionate ear to hear their thoughts. This article will try to understand how to become a leader through simple steps that will guide you along the way.

1: Never lie

Trust is an essential element in leadership. To learn how to convey your thoughts and feelings to your members without arousing any suspicion of hypocrisy or any hidden agenda can only be obtained by keeping a “no secret” policy from day one. It is quite easy to spot a leader who lies. Especially if his/her lies are a means to his/her own selfish ends. At the same time, this step requires you to follow a straight forward route, to just keep on telling the truth even if it reflects negatively on you or your organization.

Ethan Stiles says that workplace environments are not always so big in trust. After all, the corporate world is riddled with webs of lies and people stepping on one another to just get ahead. There is a special place for people who can get through all the nightmarish toxicity that business environments produce, and still come out on top with their integrity and sincerity intact.

2: Learn to assign tasks to your members

As you gain the trust of your subordinates, you too should start trusting them. Being a leader means being able to appreciate the unique talents of your members at your disposal. It is never easy to loosen the grip on the vision that you have as a leader and sometimes this requires extreme precision in all aspects of operation. In a company setting, for instance, being the boss means having to deal with both higher managers and your customers to ensure that you deliver demand. It can be very difficult to resist micromanaging to make sure that you meet all the required commitments.

As a student of the world or business, Ethan Stiles believes that appraising the talents of your members takes a special skill that not everyone can learn. Only through experience in dealing with plentiful of talents can you fo sure determine the strengths and weaknesses of each of your members.

3: Speak your mind

Leading can only truly be done through communication. While it is not easy for everyone to speak their mind, it is easy to keep your channels open for people that would want to talk to you. Constant feedbacks, and reminders not only tell people that they are being taken care of but also gives you an overview on how things are going.

In a corporate setting, speaking up does not mean the same a understanding. Vocal leaders often try to keep the spirit of their team but does not necessarily mean that he will learn how they truly think and feel. Listening, the other half of the process of communication is of more vital importance than that of talking.

4: Exude confidence

The best leaders are the ones that has an aura that you want to surround yourself with. They bring with them such positive energy that rubs through the entire team. And the only way to obtain this radiance is to be as confident as you can. Members can detect if their leaders are lacking of confidence. This instills into them uncertainty which nobody wants to have with their members. A simple way to show yourself to be a confident and capable leader is to watch how you dress.

While confidence is not in abundance even among great leaders, it is often wise not to commit to tasks that you know you will not be able to complete. Confidence does not mean accepting jobs that require way more effort than you and your members can provide. Sometimes, the easiest way to be confident, is to commit less.

5: Innovate

Creativity is the name of the game in almost all industries. To survive in a business climate that we have today where information is passed around at light speed, the only way to stay ahead of the pack is to innovate. This is a trait might not show in all leaders. Some are extremely wary of changes and sometimes, for good reason. This way of thinking however is starting to change especially among young people who wants to try everything.

Innovative leaders tend to earn respect of their members and always ask them for guidance. This deepens bonds that leaders have with their members and also inspires them to do more in their job.

6: Be an Inspiration

Not everyone has a backstory that would make people cry but there are still some things that you can use to inspire people. One of the methods is to allow them to be an inspiration to themselves. Inspiration does not simply come from the person that you should be looking up to.

7: Show them your commitment

It takes a special kind of leader to be able to instruct its continents to follow them in battle. Making your subordinates understand your commitment is the only way that they can truly see your point of view. A strong committed leader does not only inspire but also drives people around them to do better with any tasks assigned to them.

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