How to be an impactful governor

Nov 11, 2018 by

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Gov.-elect Gretchen Whitmer has an opportunity to impact Michigan’s place in 21st-century America and become one of our transformative leaders. Surely she must begin by fixing the “damn roads,” a campaign promise that looms large. But while roads are important, they are not the key to our future.

Business leaders and economists have literally shouted that Michigan’s ability to attract and create high-paying jobs for ourselves and our children will rest on one factor: talent. Our prosperity will depend on the number of men and women in the workforce who have skills currently in demand, and the ability to learn new skills as needed. Gov. Rick Snyder often points to the estimated 115,000 good paying jobs available in the state, which employers are struggling to fill.

Preparing the next generation for these jobs requires a public education system designed to help our children thrive in high-skill, high-wage workplaces.

The education challenge confronting Whitmer resembles building a new plane while flying it. Most immediately, we need better results from our schools as they are currently organized. Based on what we heard from experts across Michigan and the nation during our yearlong “Fixing Michigan Schools” series, that will require relentless alignment of ends and means.

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