How to Beat Turnitin for Students in 6 Easy Steps

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One of the most dreaded statements from college instructors is, “Ensure you submit plagiarism free work for I will check it through Turnitin Plagiarism checker!” It is no bargain that final grade at the end of a semester depends significantly on written assignments.

Failure to perform relatively well in the written tasks is a recipe for a retake of the unit or whole course. Turnitin Plagiarism checker has earned itself the reputation of being the most effective tool for professors in plagiarism checking while being dreaded by students.

However, it’s feasible for students to beat Turnitin due to its limitations.

Beating Turnitin for Students in Easy Steps

Step 1: Rewrite Everything

The easiest and most common way of beating the Turnitin Checker entails rewriting the whole essay. Turnitin is only useful in catching sentences with similar structures. Paraphrasing an article would guarantee a zero similarity index in the plagiarism checker. All that would be required would be knowledge from elementary school on how to paraphrase sentences, and one would have beaten Turnitin in its supposed duty.

Step 2: Swap Letters

Swopping letters in a word with letters from other languages enables you to beat the tool. For instance, one would easily swop the letter ‘e’ in every word with the letter ‘e~”. All that one would require would be utilizing the find and replace tool that comes with all versions of Ms. Word. Replacing familiar characters with those from other languages effectively beats Turnitin plagiarism checker without paraphrasing the essay.

Step 3: Convert a Document into PDF

Messing around with the internal structure of texts in PDF format; effectively beats Turnitin in plagiarism checking. For instance, whenever using Macros, Turnitin plagiarism checker would hardly note any similarity index in the submitted PDFs. The trick works pretty well and comes in handy to most students when in a dire situation.

Step 4: Change the order of words

In the case where one has adequate time in their disposal and feels the urge to beat Turnitin plagiarism checker, one may consider changing the order of words in a sentence to beat Turnitin in detecting similarity index. For instance, where one has a list, they may alter the order of items in the list and get away with it.

Step 5: Add Images and Pictures to Text

Turnitin is easily fooled by adding pictures and images of the text in a document. The plagiarism detection software would not find any actual text in the paper. However, one should be keen to add a few words after the images or pictures. The approach works well without having to paraphrase the text.

Step 6: Use Synonyms to Cheat Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

The algorithm behind plagiarism checking in Turnitin relies on finding matching words. However, you can beat Turnitin by synonymizing the keywords within a sentence. Such an approach is similar to paraphrasing key sentences or words in an essay.

Seek Help to Beat Turnitin

  • Hire the Services of Custom Writing Companies

A proven way to beat Turnitin Plagiarism checker pants down is to seek the services of essay mills. Writers working with the agencies have mastered the art of Turnitin paraphrasing and undertaking extensive research, which enables them to turn it in original papers with zero similarity index.

Seeking services of writing services companies is the most effective way of beating the plagiarism checker.

Final Words on Beating Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

The tips above are useful in avoiding instances of plagiarism. Thus, it would help if you could familiarise yourself with them.

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