How To Become A Good Freelance Writer

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The opportunity to write from home, on your own schedule and get paid doing what you love is too good to ignore. Little wonder, more and more people are taking to freelance writing by the day. Becoming a good freelance writer is the only way to rise above the competition. Here is how you can go from a newbie to a sought-after, good writer in no time.

  1. Polish up your writing skills

One important thing that sets good freelance writers apart is their top-notch writing skills. You need to know to be a badass writer. Improving your writing skills takes a lot of practice, time and reading, but it is a worthy thing to do. So write as much possible– preferably every day. Hire an editor if you need to. You just need to be better at it.

  • Read a lot

It is common knowledge that a good writer is a good reader. Reading broadens your horizon, expands your vocabulary and makes you a better writer. By making reading a habit, you will able to grasp the art of language quickly. Moreover, nothing can inspire a writer more than reading the works of others. So read books, articles, blogs, journals, and anything that you can lay your hands on.

  • Respect deadlines

Missing the agreed deadline is one of the biggest mistakes a freelance writer can make. It can ruin your reputation, as it depicts you as someone that cannot be relied upon. The best way to avoid late deliveries is to accept only the tasks that you can finish within the given time. To boot, don’t make outrageous promises to meet a deadline when you know that won’t be able to keep them.

  • Find your niche

The ability to write about any topic is a nice skill to have. However, it is beneficial to specialize in a particular niche. This is because most well-paying gigs often require a specialist in the subject matter. There are many areas to choose from, such as health, personal finance, career advice, lifestyle, and so on. The more you write on a chosen field, the more knowledgeable you become in that field.

  • Improve your technical and communication skills

Good writing skill is not the only thing you need to become a good freelance writer. Some other skills that you need have are good typing skills and communication skills. The former will enhance your productivity, while the latter will help you to communicate better with your clients. Clients love it when a freelance writer stays in touch and keeps them in the loop about their project.

  • Build a writing portfolio

A good portfolio sells you to clients. It shows the quality of your work and experience. So you need to create a strong portfolio as a reference point so that prospects can have an idea of your writing style and skills. Having a writing portfolio oozes of professionalism and shows that you take your freelance career serious.

  • Never compromise on quality

You need to ensure that every work that you submit to clients is your best one yet. Clients know when the delivery does not reflect the freelancer’s quality of work, especially if they have been working together for some time. Therefore, do all the necessary prep work. Revise and rewrite as required. Submitting “mediocre” work is a no-no if you want to be a good freelance writer.


Becoming a good freelance writer takes practice, time and dedication. You need to horn your writing skills, read and write as much as you can, choose a niche, respect deadlines, etc. Also, a good freelance writer goes above and beyond to get jobs done. So be ready to do the research needed to write your client’s custom term papers, assignments and so on. Do all these and you will be on your way to becoming a good freelance writer you have always wanted to be.

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