How to Become a Teacher

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Become A Teacher

Teaching is an incredibly well-respected job that can be very rewarding. Although teaching does come with its challenges, knowing that you are helping to shape the minds and lives of your students is an experience that makes it all worth it. If you are thinking about becoming a teacher, here’s a few things that you will need to do in order to begin your career in education.

Undergraduate Degree

In order to become a teacher, you must have a bachelor’s degree. In many cases, your degree subject will become your specialty in your teaching profession. For example, if you did a science undergrad, naturally you will become a science teacher or something within that field. If you don’t already have an undergraduate degree, think carefully about what discipline you would like to teach before deciding on your college major. Once you have completed your bachelor’s degree, you will need to move on to some formal teaching training or a Master’s degree,

Master’s Degree

If you are looking at becoming a teacher, you should be thinking about getting an MA in education. Although you could go on to get an MA in the same subject as your bachelor’s degree, schools and other educational establishments will want to see that you have received the proper training for teachers. An MA in education will give you an in-depth knowledge of the education system, what are successful teaching strategies as well as how to keep you and your students safe. The topics explored in these courses will be what best-prepares you for when you enter a classroom. If you would like a teaching career but are concerned that you are not able to go back to college, don’t worry. There are options for you to take an online Master of Arts in Education degree, as well as bachelor degrees if you need to study for one of them, too.

Check State Laws

Depending on which state you reside in, there will be different teacher licensing laws. Research what steps you need to take in your state to ensure that you are teaching legally. If you don’t follow your state’s teaching laws, you are unlikely to obtain employment at a school, or you could find yourself in serious legal trouble. Make sure you’re on the right side of the law to avoid any professional or personal embarrassment and the protection of your students.

Work Experience

Although your degree in education will prepare you well for a teaching career, it is always worth getting some hands-on experience while you study. Find a school near you that is happy for you to come in and observe some classes a couple of times a week, or is happy for you to work as a teaching assistant part-time. You will need to be prepared to go through criminal and security checks before you start working or volunteering at a school. Research your state’s rules on that process before you start applying for work experience.

These are a few of the basic steps in becoming a teacher, if it sounds like a job you would like to do, then get started with these.

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