How to become Microsoft 70-767 Certified Specialist?

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The Microsoft 70-767 certification exam is one of the top examinations for Networking Services Solutions. It is designed around SQL Server and SQL R services, and it aims to equip the candidates with the necessary skills needed to become SQL Server database experts in both cloud based and on-premises databases. The 70-767 test measures the applicants’ knowledge on how to query data through the use of Transact-SQL. The candidates will also be equipped to design SQL database. Having the Microsoft certification is absolutely your sure path to become a seasoned professional in the Information Technology industry. The Prep Away Microsoft MCSA, MCSE 70-767 testking pass4sure vce braindumps cover the area of Implementing SQL Data Warehouse, and to become certified, it is important that you pass it. It is crucial to mention that the Microsoftcredential for this exam is highly respected and recognized worldwide, and earning it is worth every investment you made in it.

Eligibility for Microsoft 70-767 Certification Exam

To pass the 70-767 examination, it is important that the candidate has two or more years’ experience in writing and designing queries. Professionals who can write the exam include Network SQL Engineers, people who engage in SQL R services, SQL Database Engineers, and other technical professionals who want to grow in Networking Services and SQL R Services Solutions.

Details of Microsoft 70-767 Certification Exam

The Microsoft 70-767 certification exam is made up of 40 to 60 questions with varying marks. The candidates are expected to score a minimum of 700 points out of the 1000 points allocated to the examination.The time allotted to the test is 120 minutes. You can check out the Microsoft page to learn more about the question types and exam formats to expect during the examination. You can expect to come across different types of questions during the exam, including active screen, build list, multiple choice answers, drag and drop, multiple choice single answer, case study, multiple choice multiple answer, and short answer. It is important that you understand the exam pattern very well before your examination scheduled date. When it comes to exam registration, you basically have the option of registering through Microsoft Learning or through the official examiner of Microsoft, Pearson Vue.

How to Pass Microsoft 70-767 Certification Exam?

The surest way to passing the certification exam is through a thorough preparation. You cannot expect to be successful at the exam by just wishing it. You need to sit down and take time to study the resource materials available to you and be well prepared for the exam. There are numerous resource materials that you can access for the 70-767 test. These resources range from books, video trainings, mock exam, articles, blogs to a host of others. As far as this certification is concerned and any other one for that matter, you can never be short of study materials. There are materials you can access for free and there are others that you will have to pay for.

It is very crucial that you study and review all training tools that cover the topics under the certification course before you write the exam. Exploring the different materials will empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to perform excellently during the examination, and of course in your work place. Although there are free resource materials that are available, it is important to mention that you might have to spend some money to invest in study materials.

There are many online platforms that offer quality training tools in line with the course topics of the Microsoft 70-767 examination. In most cases, the costs of acquiring these materials are not expensive, so it is something you can afford. When choosing to purchase resource materials, it is important that you know the credibility of the site. There are many online platforms that offer materials and video training for certification exams that are not credible. You might need to check the Microsoft site to get the list of recognized and certified platforms for the Microsoft course training.

Microsoft Recertification

After passing the 70-767 exam, you earn your Microsoft certification therefore you can present it to any organization for a top level job. For many professional, recertification is an important issue that they always want to look into before earning a credential. Of course, earning a certificate that you have to recertify within three to five years is not a cool idea, especially if you are a busy professional. With the Microsoft MCSA certification (MCSA is the credential you’ll earn after complete the levels of the 70-767 test), you do not have to worry about recertification. This is because it does not expire and it is valid for a lifetime. This means once you obtain it, it is yours forever.

Passing a certification exam comes with a euphoria feeling. The feel and taste of success is comparable to none other. However, it is important to consider the other side of the coin. In case you experience failure in the certification exam, what happens?

In this case, it is important to keep calm and don’t get depressed. Failure is part of success, and failing does not mean you are a failure. So, when you fail the examination, the next step is to retake it. If you fail at a first attempt, you can retake the exam after 72 hours. Microsoft allows the candidates to make only three attempts within 12 months. Any other attempts after the third one will be made after the 12-month duration.


With the Microsoft MCSA certification, you are on your way to a great career growth. There are amazing opportunities that you can explore with this certification. According to, an individual with the MCSA credential has the potential to earn anything between $44,656and$135,187 per annum. Job titles you can expect to hold in any organization include a Database Developer, an IT Manager, a Database Designer, a Database Administrator, a System Administrator, a Senior Systems Engineer, and an IT Director.

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