How to become Successful Underwater Welder

Oct 12, 2019 by

While a profession as an underwater welder and commercial divers can be gratifying, this career is not for all. This field demands a great attitude, commitment, large scale travel, superb work morals and long time. There are many commercial divers-welders who worked in the gas and oil industry and they should perform dangerous tasks like repairing ships, pipelines, dams, underwater haunt, offshore oil drilling rigs and also atomic power service at large depths.

There are very large demands for welders around the whole world, especially they help to prevent and repair destruction to oil rigs and many other immense marines under structures. Almost all thought that this career doesn’t exist but actually, it does. This also gives numerous opportunities for exploration, travel, distinct challenges for all desiring non-manual divers. 

So, if you are excited and fruition to becoming an underwater diver or welder, then check how you can start your profession with

  1. Be prepared

If you want to start this job. First, you have to understand all the requirements and drawbacks of this career. You must know all about the phenomena of job and all risks occurs when you start your underwater welding profession.

This Industry demands not only the experience far off a standard recreational SCUBA Certification but also demand for a mentally and physically strong personality that can handle very gently this type of career.

  1. Requirements

If you are trill to become an expert underwater welder and you think that is best for you then you must take some important steps. The first main requirement is the ability to swim underwater and have experience of holding breath underwater. There are some more steps you need to follow-

  • Get a high school diploma or GED for 12 years
  • Gain experience and get a certificate from topside welding for 2-5 years.
  • Admit yourself in commercial Diving school and you should pass the exam within 1 month.
  • You must get the Certification to enlarge your skills in both welding and diving for 5-8 months.
  • Then you should find some work through networking and experience.

  1. Financial Aids and costs

There are various costs affiliated with acquiring the necessitate certification to become a welder or diver. There are so many financial aids for people in the form of loans and grants for underwater welding or diving training. 

Here, we have shared some of the typical costs:

  • Types of equipment and books
  • Tuition fee
  • Registration pay
  • Board and Rooms
  • Dive physical
  1. Some other underwater techniques

Well, you may find various underwater techniques. But some are the best techniques that you need to learn such as under-water, dry wet, hyperbaric or metal enclosure welding, and many more. All these are best and well-known examination tests, where your mind needs to be focused.

Despite of these, there are many more techniques and welding certifications. You have to figure out which company you are associated with and which techniques and certification you will need to learn to become a certified welder. While becoming this you have to earn the skills and certification in the following skill areas.

  • Underwater welding
  • Commercial diving
  • Surface welding
  1. To find Diving School

Once you learn all the skills, certification and experience above water, then you must be ready to practice those underwater. Then you start finding the best Diving school for you.

You should found the best Diving school in any country. These Diving schools provide real-world experience and standard training in the classrooms and also outdoor like swimming pools and in the oceans. First, you have to consider a place you want to work while choosing a school. Like if you want to work in offshore commercial Diving then you have to choose a school that offers unlimited surface supplied diving certification. If you want to connect with the local industry who work with bridges, waterways, and other work then you go for and diving school.

  1. Get Certified

It will take one month to clear the physical exam after getting into Commercial diving school. You have to earn all the underwater certificates and raise your resume. Choose the best workforce for your career and one thing always keep in your mind that the more skill you learned, the more you safe and better in underwater

If you start your training with swimming then next you have to earn the SCUBA Certification and then open water certification for the best welding training.


There are so many divers and welders all over the world who invested their money and time just to be there. If you just modify your expectations, you will get more success in your life in this industry or any field for this matter. Always remember the cause that builds you to attempt this profession, and that how a long way you have come. Good luck!

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