How to choose a wallet that will match your needs

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Some people underestimate the value of a wallet and to them, a wallet is simply a functional item. As a result, they end up choosing wallets that are not the best for them. You should be careful when selecting a wallet because the market offers them in various styles and designs. By selecting a wallet, or travel wallet carefully, you will go for one that is centered on your needs and one that will enhance your style significantly. To choose the best wallet:

– Consider the make

Most manufacturers use bridle hide or cowhide to make wallets and use various methods to tan them such as eco, vegetable, chrome or natural. Cowhide is currently the commonest material due to its durability but the grades vary greatly. Calfskin is the lithest of cowhides and it is softer and denotes luxurious feel. Bridle hide is another material traditionally made of tough cowhides. Manufacturers use it to construct saddles and horse tack in addition to robust bags and wallets. 

– Consider the tanning

Vegetable-tanned is an eco-friendly way of treating leather and it is the oldest tanning leather. The tanning method requires artisanship and skills because the product has to appear prestigious. Therefore, vegetable-tanned products are expensive than the other types. Vegetable-tanned leather will have a deep pretty patina, which will get better with time. Products will take more time to feel broken in because the leather will be stiff initially.

Eco-tanned does not involve chemicals and is common with chrome tanning. Manufacturers use natural biodegradable materials to cure, preserve and tan the leather, which includes plant tannins, bark tannins, smoke or line. The process takes 5-12 weeks.

Chrome-tanned is both the fastest and commonest method of leather tanning. The method involves concoction of acids, chemicals, and salts such as chromium sulfate. Compared to vegetable tanning, it takes one day.

– Consider the styles 

The billfolds, the most traditional men’s wallet styles, are available in two main types – bi-fold and tri-fold. The bi-fold style wallets fold in half and feature slots on both sides for holding the ID, credit cards and photos for your children. Tri-folds have two sides, which overlap their middle section after folding. 

The Kinzd slim wallet is the other style of wallet and is suitable for people who are enthusiasts of slim slacks and fitted suits. The wallets are not bulky when placed in the pocket. They allow you to sacrifice style for function because they offer less room – they can only hold 3-4 credit cards. Moreover, you can sit on them and are good for the spine. Even though they are not the best when traveling, they are ideal for a night in town.

The passport or travel wallet is the other available style and offers adequate room for boarding passes, travel docs and the passport. They are large than other types and offer additional benefits like zippered compartments. Some of them will also come with additional features like a pen. If you are among the security conscious people, a travel wallet will feature a radio frequency identification (RFID) protection to prevent identity theft.

If you need a classic style, the long wallet also known as the coat pocket is a good consideration. The wallets are generously sized and can hold more cards. If you need your bills to remain crease-free, the wallet will help you achieve that. It also allows stashing of cash lengthwise. However, keep in mind that the wallet will not fit in your back pocket. They are popular with businesspersons due to their quality and class. 

A shirt pocket or a mini wallet is ideal for people who would want to keep their important documents at the forefront. If the other wallets do not match your style, it is a great choice. In fact, they have been the wallets for the minimalists for many decades. The newer fashions are made of leather, metal, and fabric. Keep in mind that they can only hold six cards. 

Some other considerations 

Before purchasing a wallet, you have to ensure that it matches your needs. After you have selected the material and the style, consider other factors like the loose change, color, and contents. Most wallets will not come with zippers and storing your loose change will be hard. Avoid storing all your important documents, such as medical carts and social insurance numbers because you can easily memorize them.

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