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Any custom essay writing service is today sometimes seen with a certain degree of prejudice, and people who use them – as lazy or ungifted. While this may be the case, it is not always true as there are many facts and circumstance which can justify applying to a custom essay writing service, and they really do. For instance, if somebody indeed has no talent in writing an essay – which is not an easy task by itself – that person may be gifted in something else, but still be in need to have his or her academic tasks accomplished. Maybe there is just not enough time for that. “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

The solution for those who study at a college or university is provided by your essay writing service. Comprising wide variety of freelance writers (each with his or her own unique educational background and style of writing), those professional service organizations know how to satisfy demands of almost any customer. A major part of their client base is made of students, and that’s where problems may arise.

CBC, for example, describes a case where a professor from the University of Windsor simply tore submitted papers, knowing that they were written with the assistance of an assignment writing service.

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Tips for Choosing a Professional Essay Service

That’s why it is advised to look for somebody providing academic essay writing with due caution. Of course, it is still possible to ask a fellow student to write a paper for you for a much lower fee, but in this case, there is no protection against plagiarism, let alone possibly very poor quality of work. So the very first tip is

  • Not to choose among the cheapest

Top Writers Review provides a list of about 130 essay writing services, starting from the most expensive and down to the cheapest. If a custom essay writing service says it can make you a paper within hours, this is definitely the case of rude plagiarism which should scare you away. On the other hand, even if they take their time with writing, low prices mean they also pay their freelance writers less – and there goes good quality of work.

  • Look for reputation

For obvious reasons, extremely long history lasting for many decades should not be expected from an academic essay writing service (the way they look now, they can’t be older than Internet), but some may have been on the market for more than ten years already, may have earned respect and be proud of it. Professional services with such a long history are most likely staffed with authors capable of solving almost any task in whatever field of knowledge you might be interested in. These professionals stay in close contact with you as a client, know your needs, and can even imitate your style of writing. That’s why…

  • Choose the one to match your style

We are not discussing extreme cases here like when you have never submitted any papers to your college tutors at all. Of course, there had to be at least some, so your professor may compare how you used to write in the past with how “you” do it now. Try to avoid unpleasant situations like the one described above.

  • Stick with the best

This follows naturally from the previous point. Quite logically, if you already found an essay service which suits you and “your own” writer within it, it would be better to continue working with them. First – this serves as quality assurance. Secondly – history of previously completed tasks provides you a new identity as an academic writer. Even if it’s not yours (no, it’s not), you’ve paid for it anyways!

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A Few Final Remarks

There is a theory that advent of AI-operated robots will soon replace people in many sectors of professional services like accounting. Many professional accountants are today getting ready for the change, learning how to work together with robots (which will likely free them of routine jobs), in order not to leave their job to robot entirely. Unlike routine checking of accounting documentation, essay writing is more an art than a science. And in order to be created, any piece of art needs a living soul.

This is why the profession of essay writing may feel safe even with the current extremely fast pace of technological progress. From ancient scribes of Middle Ages – those very few educated who knew how to read and write – and to their modern incarnation, very long history of professional writers makes them really proud. And they have all rights to be proud because it is a hard work which should be treated with respect and rewarded respectfully.

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