How to choose the Right Gynecologist?

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A female undergoes a lot of gynecological problems during the course of her journey, being it the start of her puberty to the end of the menopause. A woman experiences a variety of changes in her body and needs help and support of a good gynecologist throughout her life, who is always available to help fight with all these kinds of situations.

A Gynecologist is the one who has specialized training in the treatment of the diseases related to the female reproductive organs. While Obstetricians help the women through their pregnancy period until the delivery of the baby into normal routine life. However, an ob-gyn is specialized in both the courses and is responsible to treat women completely whether it is related to pregnancy or health-related issues of female reproductive organs.

Most of the women end up choosing either a gynecologist or an obstetrician. Below mentioned are some of the tips on how to choose the right gynecologist.

1. Gender: For a female to choose a right gynecologist it is always good to choose a person whom she is comfortable to talk to. Choosing a female gynecologist is the main thing which should be considered in the very beginning by filtering out the male doctors. This is because a female can express her feelings openly without feeling shy and can help a doctor rule out the problem more closely by evaluating all the symptoms related to the issue. It’s always good not to choose a doctor with whom you are uncomfortable to talk to.

2. Degree, awards, and Specialization of the gynecologist: Always consider a doctor who possesses both the degrees of a gynecologist as well as obstetrics. This is because it is always essential to visit a doctor who has a good education and specialization. One other way to know your doctor is to look at the background on which hospitals the doctor has served previously, are there any awards achieved by the doctor, and how many patients the doctor has been treated till date. Doctor with good education and specialization can address the situation more carefully and can handle high-risk issues like miscarriages, cancers, delivering twins tackling pregnant women who have the problem of blood pressure, diabetes and epilepsy. Starting with

3. Years of practice and Reputation of the gynecologist: While choosing the right gynecologist one should review a doctor’s credentials and views of other persons who have already visited the doctor in the past. Nowadays, due to the availability of many social media platforms, one can easily learn the reviews of the doctor posted by their patients. Most people blindly follow the others advice regarding choosing a doctor, but one should not blindly follow the pieces of advice made by others and should look for a good doctor yourself.

4. Availability: Availability of the doctor at the time of need can save a patient life or relieve them from grieving pain. One should keep a check on points like how easy it is to get an appointment, what is the waiting period, will the doctor be available on phone or SMS. All these criteria should be monitored while choosing the right gynecologist.

5. Spending time on the patient: some patients are very reluctant and conscious about their problems to discuss and this can cause more curiosity in them. A doctor who can provide enough time for the patient can discuss the problem in detail and can clear all the doubts related to the disease. A patient should always seek for gynecologists who are available 24*7 to take emergency calls in difficult situations and provide immediate solutions to their problems, no matter how minor the problem is.

  • Is the doctor pleasant while listening and solving the problems?
  • Is the doctor or not?
  • Is the doctor friendly and approachable while making a call from home?

6. Patient satisfaction: There are various types of patients who belong to rich, poor or middle-class families. They are either literate or illiterate. But everyone wants good service and effective treatment with full satisfaction since they are spending money. In order to get effective services a patient must check on some points related to Hospital environment, cleanliness, Average wait time in the hospital, Staff and doctors behavior towards the patient, problem solving and responsible doctors to address your problem,

7. Feasibility to access your gynecologist: Feasibility and easy access to your doctor and the hospital are the most important criteria to be considered. Check your gynecologist near to your location, learn whether or not your gynecologist practices in a well-established hospital or not, also, whether it is feasible to reach out to your gynecologist during emergency cases, what is the distance that needs to be travelled to access your doctor, how long would the doctor take to reach to the hospital.

8. Cost: Cost and medical expenses matter a lot to every individual being it rich or poor. While choosing your gynecologist and the hospital, make sure the hospital provides medical insurance and covers all the parameters of insurance. Before choosing a gynecologist one should see if the budget fits the criteria and family income or not.

9. Doctor’s team: Always meet the doctor’s team or research about them, because when you are admitted into the hospital you are most likely to spend more time with the team members. The doctor always appears in the final moments.

10. Bedside manner: it is always important to check the doctor’s behavior when you are on the bed, a doctor with a dismissive behavior can make you lose confidence and can cause extreme discomfort. If you experience such behavior try to look for another gynecologist and also post a review about the doctor.

There are many gynecologists, ob-gyn, and obstetrics present around your area. But it’s always good to choose the right gynecologist because a right gynecologist can make right decisions in providing you safe and effective treatment. Always consult your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and your partner for the best recommendations while choosing the right gynecologist.

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