How to Choose Your Design for a Logo

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Logos are visual identities that can be used in identifying a company, product, or service. They help you to pass the information on what your brand is all about. Often than not, the customer comes into contact with the logo first before they get the chance to patronize a company’s products.

If you take a look at many of the notable brands around the world, one thing is common to all of them, unique and well-designed logos. It’s easier to recognize these brands because of their distinctive designs. What comes to your mind when you think of Pepsi, Nike, Adidas, and other world-renowned brands? Most likely, the first thing on your mind is a clear picture of their brand logo. They become a crucial part of the brand’s identity. They are usually kept on anything associated with the company, such as products, business cards, websites, and all online or offline website materials.

However, when you take a look at many small businesses, a lot of them usually fail to utilize the power of a logo. They fail to understand that logo design can help in attracting the desired amount of customer attention. And it could be a way of taking them to the next level. It also offers small businesses the chance to stand out from the competition.

In recent times, the logo design has gone beyond just text or shapes. They are now designed to create an impression on customers and establish a form of connection with them. A logo influences the customer’s perception of the brand and the products or services. Due to this, it’s more important than ever that every business can pick the best design for their logos.

Now, you’ve realized the importance of a logo. But perhaps, you’re unsure of how to go about it. There’s no reason to panic! The tips listed below will help you create the best design for your logo. The information in the tips will help you handle every aspect of the design, and everything is going to come out for your brand.

Define the Brand Identity

When creating a logo, it has to communicate the brand’s identity. To do this, you would first have to identify all the core values of your brand. What really makes you unique? Once you’re able to identify what makes your business unique and what you’re all about, it will be easier for you to make the best design choices.

Here are some questions which can be used to identify your brand’s identity and help out with your design;

  • Why do you run the business?
  • What are the beliefs and core values of the company?
  • What makes you stand out?
  • What services can you offer the best?
  • How can you describe your brand in 3 words?
  • For what do you want your customers to remember you?
  • Try to get some inspiration for the design.

The tricky part of creating the logo design might be getting the inspiration for it. You can start by brainstorming and collecting verbal ideas from different sources. A good brainstorming session may be what you need to get the best idea. Try to place yourself in the shoes of the audience and think of how you want to be perceived by them. Keep in mind what would be relevant to the customers and the connection you would like to have with them.

It’s also an excellent idea for you to get other people involved, such as people from different departments, friends, or business partners. The more perspectives you’re able to get, the easier it is to portray the right image.

Take a Look at the Competition

It’s also possible to learn a lot from your competition. They can give you insight into the ideas to adopt and those to avoid. However, don’t just go ahead and make a cheap knock-off of their logo design or even steal their design. Instead, think of what makes you different from these brands and look for ways to incorporate them into the template which you have gotten from them.

Make sure to do your best to stand out from the competition. Take a look at what’s in trend, pick out the best ideas, and combine them to create something unique for yourself. If everyone is going monochrome, you may decide to add some color to your design. Be careful with the colors you include as part of the design because colors have their identities.

Choose Your Design Style

Now that you have a view of the information you want to pass to your customers, you would need to start translating it into the design. There are a lot of elements that make up a logo design from graphics, colors, shapes to fonts. They all combine to form different design styles. However, you can pick from any of the following design styles;

  • Fun and quirky
  • Classic
  • Retro or vintage
  • Handmade and handcrafted
  • Modern and minimalist

Choose the Right Type of the Logo

There are different types of the logo from which you can choose depending on the company name, overall aesthetic qualities, and so on. You can pick from any of the options or decide to combine them to create something unique.

These options include;

  • Combination marks
  • Letter mark
  • Wordmarks
  • Pictorial marks
  • Emblem
  • Abstract logo marks
  • Mascots

Are you still unsure of the best type of logo for you? Why don’t you try out some vector art? They include some great options which you can use.

Choose the Right Type of Color

Colors have different meanings, and when applied, they can help to create a variety of identities. Understanding the psychology behind colors can be quite complicated. But in simple terms, these colors have different emotions and ideas attached to them. Let’s take a look at some of them;

  • Red is a great choice if your brand is loud, and you want it to stand out.
  • Orange is also a vibrant and playful color.
  • Yellow is an excellent way for you to look accessible and friendly.
  • Green is a perfect choice for any brand connected with nature.
  • Blue represents maturity and trustworthiness
  • Purple is a color choice to appear luxurious.
  • Pink can help your brand achieve a youthful and feminine look.
  • Brown is great for that vintage feel.
  • Black & White can be used to create a minimalistic design.
  • Gray can help to represent a sophisticated and classic look.

Pick the Best Fonts

The fonts on your logo are also a vital part of the message which you’re looking to pass across. It’s essential that you pick a font that complements and goes well with your design. Fonts also contribute a lot to the visibility of the logo and how easy it is to read the information written in it.

Talk to Your Designer

Now that you’ve considered all the elements of your design, then speak to your designer. Keep in mind that hiring a designer would come at a cost.


Logos are a critical element of all businesses. They communicate vital information about your brand to customers. However, coming up with a good design can be quite a lot. You can take a look at the steps listed above to help yourself out.

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