How to come out of the trauma of a car accident?

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Who does not like to drive their own car? Driving is great fun, especially when you get to drive your own dream car. But driving might not be the easiest thing to do in spite of you holding a license for the same. Going by the increasing amount of traffic in the urban areas, especially in the metropolitan cities, it gets extremely difficult for any person, more so for a naive, to drive carefully. In many cases, it has been found that most youngsters go through car accidents as compared to matured and grown-up people. Experience is a great factor to consider while driving and experience are more valuable than expertise. You might be an expert in driving, but if you do not possess a good number of years’ experience, it might not be safe for you to drive.

Going through a car accident, early in life not only destroys your self-confidence but also leaves an indelible scar on your heart more than the physical scars. Physical scars do get healed after some time but trauma can be hard to deal with, especially after a car accident for which you are responsible.

Few things to follow after a car accident

1.   If you have suffered a car accident and are injured, the first thing to do is to check whether there are any other casualties on the accident spot, only if you are in a state for doing that. If you think someone else is injured and falling on the road and you are responsible for that, don’t run away from the accident site. Call for help and take the person to the nearest hospital. Timely treatment might help that person to survive. One of the worst things to do is to run away from the accident site. You should remember that, no matter what, the police will find you. So it is better to stay human and calm and try to save the other person’s life with the best of our abilities.

2.   If you are injured, whether you have major or minor injuries, you should certainly get yourself checked at the emergency of a nursing home. Even minor injuries might lead to major issues in the future. Sometimes, visually the injuries might not be comprehended but internal injuries can be there which can only be diagnosed by proper testing. After an accident, more than the physical pain, the trauma, fear, and mental scar stay for a long time.

Sometimes, it gets difficult to even sleep as the same incident haunts you from time to time. In such cases, anti-anxiety or sleeping pills might help you relax, only after being suggested by a doctor. In some cases, counseling also gets mandatory, especially if you think that someone else’s life has been destructed because of you. A constant feeling of guilt does not allow you to return to your normal life. Hence, patience and the love and care of near and dear ones become extremely crucial during this time.

3.   Contact the police: One of the things which most people do after an accident is running away and not contact the police. This is the worst thing to do. You must remember that CCTV cameras are installed on most roads and traffic signals. So even if you flee after an accident, there will be solid evidence against you which can make things worse in the future. If you are stable, you should call the police immediately, then and there and seek help from them.

Confessing your mistake to them and taking prompt action can save you from a lot of unnecessary harassment later on. If the police find that you are honest enough to call them and don’t have any guilt, the case is just a mere case of an accident, then you will not be harassed at all and you can be absolutely stress-free. Paying the necessary compensation after an accident might be necessary in some cases, after which you will be given clean chit to live your life in a relaxed manner.

4) Play sports- Taking your mind off the car accident is best accomplished, when you divert your brain and playing sports is one of the best ways to do so. Ensure that you play a sport which you enjoy and a sport which will moderately tire you out. A basketball game, however, is not free from risks. Since it is a contact sport involving intermittent bursts of speed and quick stops and turns, certain injuries can happen during a game requiring you to visit a chiropractic clinic.

Accidents can occur anytime, anywhere without anyone’s mistake. Keeping calm and doing things after giving a thought is the most needed, especially after an accident.                         

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