How to Create a School Brochure

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You may be an administrator or staff member trying to craft a booklet to highlight the institute’s philosophical approach, or you need to create an overview of the extracurricular programs available at your school. Whatever your specific purpose is to make a brochure, there are tools and software available to help you with the task. But if you have no time, you can buy your brochures. Can’t find cheap brochure printing near me? Don’t worry as you can buy online or make the brochures yourself.

First, create a rough model for your brochure using a notebook or notepad and colored pencils. Then create a list of information that you want to include in your catalog. It is important to add any descriptions or other text that you want to highlight to ensure that there is not enough space in your catalog to include all of the elements you want.

Choose a style for your brochure and decide if you want to create a themed template. For example, you can design a brochure that highlights the music department, the staff and the types of equipment students will have access to if they attend your school. Or, you want to create a photo montage of moments at your school to give in an official meeting.

Select a computer graphics program to design your school brochure. You can have access to a program like Photoshop in your school or office, but if not, you can download the free program that works in many ways.

Open a new document in the. “New” program by selecting “File” and set the document dimensions according to a standard-size brochure paper. (11 – x 8.5 inches works well, especially for a brochure with three folds). Choose a background, white is usually the most readable. Select a close resolution, usually at least 300 pixels for a quality print result. Keep in mind that if you are creating a two-sided brochure you will need to create two documents, one for each side of your brochure.

Bring all external graphics, including photos or other graphics to enhance your design. You do this by selecting “File” and “Open.” Navigate to the images and photos you want to add to the catalog and open them. Then use the “Copy” and “Paste” function in “Edit” to put the images in the brochure document. Remember to only use public domain images or graphics, which means they are free to use and have no trademark or copyright issues associated with their use. Each element you will bring will automatically be placed on a layer. As you create your text or other graphic elements, such as drawings, place each of these elements in your own layer as well. This makes editing each element much easier. Choose a font style that works best with your theme and the images you are incorporating into your brochures project.

Save your final design for your brochure as a high resolution JPEG. You can print your catalog through a professional printing service, or you can print from your own work environment, but you will need to purchase brochure printing paper from an office supply store or other distributor. We hope you can gain benefits from reading this article.

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