How to Define Your Corporate Identity in Company Audiovisuals

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Given the prevalence of corporate videos, today we will tell you the importance of clearly establishing your corporate identity in audiovisual material used by your company and why you should always keep it updated and fresh.

The importance of effectively defining the visual identity

One aspect that you should not overlook if you want to position your company correctly is your identity. On this depends the success of its positioning, in all senses. Whether it’s a physical or virtual company, you have to take into account that you will always need a web presence, especially in these times; if your company is not on the Internet, it does not exist.

But not only is corporate identity necessary in the audiovisual material of companies for their online presence, but also for the presentation of business through other audiovisual media. Whether it is via corporate presentation material, or large format video advertising or messaging shown via TV display screens within your business establishment, with the help of special TV mount options, and other audiovisual accessories, it is simple to design and implement an integral and comprehensive audiovisual campaign to reinforce your brand and identity.

Corporate identity in company audiovisuals

What we talk about when we talk about visual identity

Let’s start with the basics, to define what is corporate identity in terms of audiovisual content. Each company needs to define their identity, what differentiates them from other companies, the unique values, the unique images, this identity is called the ‘corporate identity’ and is applied to audiovisual media by defining the company logo, the colours of the company; all of which should be chosen according to what you want to achieve with regard to the target audience.

So, the corporate identity is the image of the company, what it transmits, and how it is transmitted. It is a physical, visual manifestation of the brand of the company.

What should be taken into account in the corporate identity

We have said that it is made up of colours and the logo, elements that are chosen according to the target audience of the company and its purpose. Now, you should also take into account the corporate identity when applied to things such as the type of packaging, the uniform that workers will have, the business cards, and of course the corporate identity in audiovisual content.

Importance of corporate identity in audiovisual content

Now let’s get to the specifics, why is it important in audiovisual media. First of all because when there is harmony in the elements that constitute such means, it is possible to fix the brand in the minds of those who have access to such content.

Corporate identity in company audiovisuals

It is also important because a defined corporate identity can transmit through the audiovisual media the intended sensation, and this will facilitate the fulfillment of the objectives. So that, if for example, you want to reach potential customers through audiovisual media, and achieve a conversion translated into sales, a perfect corporate image, aimed especially at the target audience, will clearly help fulfill the objective.

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