How to Distinguish a Good Casino from a Scammer?

Aug 26, 2020 by

All modern casinos claim to be honest, safe, and to offer the highest quality service. Unfortunately, it is not always so, and there are many online gambling operators whose operation reality has nothing to do with the marketing claim. According to statistics, the number of fraudulent casinos is much greater than that of honest establishments. That is why every gambler needs to know how to check the honesty of an online casino. We will share with you some evaluation criteria to guide you in the matter.

1 – Site Look & Feel

To begin with, to understand that you are dealing with the best online casinos in Canada, just go to their website and take a good look around. If the site and the games are of poor quality, then it is most probably a one-day gambling site. As a rule, such online casino hubs are designed specifically to quickly attract players, get money from them, and close in a month or so.

2 – Money Withdrawal Operations

You should never skip the check of banking options a particular casino operator supports. First, review the available solutions that you can make use of for both deposits and withdrawals. Second, check the payment/ withdrawal policy. At this point, you should focus on min/ max amounts processed within a single transaction, commission rates a casino charges, and timing of a single financial operation.

3 – Availability of a License

Any gambling establishment that comes into the entertainment industry for a long time must have an official license allowing it to perform its activities. If an online casino has such a license, it means that its operation is under the strict control of a dedicated regulatory body. In this case, you can rest assured about quality service, the absence of cheating, and your safety.

4 – Audits

An online casino can be considered fair if you can find information about official audits at the bottom of the website. After all, this suggests that the institution does not even try to tweak the software and adheres to all industry standards.

5 – Software Providers

The presence of games from different leading manufacturers on such a site can also speak of the honesty of the chosen casino. After all, this suggests that the casino does not skimp on the purchase of expensive and reliable software.

6 – Fair Play Guarantee

Many online casino sites now have a so-called fairness guarantee. It is based on a special encryption value MD5. Thus, in a special section of the site, you can check the combinations that are determined by a full-fledged Random Number Generator. With the RNG value, it is possible to identify whether there is any interference in the course of the game and if the game flow is manipulation-free.

Final Say…

Casino honesty is the main parameter when deciding on a gambling destination. We doubt that you would put your personal information or financial well-being at risk. Therefore, before starting the game, you should always make sure that the operator is professional and honest. Such a check is quite simple and does not require much time.

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