How to Easily Write an Annotated Bibliography for Students

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You’ve slaved over an essay for weeks and weeks and weeks. You thought you were going to absolutely lose your mind trying to get it done for the hand-in date. However, it’s the morning of the hand-in. Your work is looking to be at a great standard. You’re happy with what you’ve put into the essay. You’re ready to move on with your life and leave all this behind you! But a friend of yours informs you about something. Something that you have forgotten about. You were supposed to include an annotated bibliography. You can’t exactly say write my annotated bibliography to someone. You remembered everything, the footnotes, the word count, the structure you wanted to follow. Everything except that bibliography!

So many people that go on to further education find themselves in this exact predicament. An annotated bibliography is so easily forgotten because you are so focused on fulfilling the main part of the task that you forget about everything else. But including a part at the end where you comment on the sources you have used can really help an examiner to gain a window into your working process. And if you don’t include it then you will most definitely be marked down by whoever it is that assesses your work! So if you’re sitting their cursing yourself for not remembering this little but important element of your essay. This list is for you, though it may be an annoying little accessory to your essay, there are certain things that you can do to make writing one a breeze. So when it happens next time, you’ll clock it straight away and be able to write a fantastic one! Ready to find out how to write an annotated bibliography? Here we go!

Keep notes from the start

It really is no good trying to revisit a book that you read originally some time ago in order to comment on what your understanding of it is, and how you’ve used it. With this being said, a simple way to alleviate the stress of trawling back to the book trying to come up with a justification for its usage, is just to make notes on it from the very start. As soon as you put the book down after your first read of it, get some pen and paper and make notes on your first impression of it. What did you understand? What did you struggle with? Who is the author and what is their background in the subject? How do you think it will fit into your own work? Make notes like this every time you read a bit more of the book. After you do this you will have such an amazing understanding of the affects the book has had on your work. When it comes time to write that bibliography, it will be like second nature to comment on how it has informed your own work.

Get support

Another option that you could take that’s going to make the ordeal a lot easier is to find or source help from online resources. There are plenty of websites out there that can help. You can’t exactly say write my annotated bibliography and they’ll get to work, but they will definitely provide you with someone to help you through what you need to include in one. There are websites all over the net that employ people that have been writing essays for years and years. Not only that, but these people are ready and willing to help anyone that is struggling. They can show you how to format the bibliography. What exactly to include in it. What your tone should be when you are writing it. Absolutely everything that you’ve worried about previous to writing it yourself! Have a look around the internet in order to find a website that’s really going support you in your writing of your annotated bibliography. Two heads are definitely better than one, even when it comes to your own work!

In conclusion, though finding out you have to write an annotated bibliography maybe a whole lot more stress on top of your essay writing, you have to include it or you’ll risk getting marked down. There is no point in letting something as silly as this drag your grade down. So, get to work and using the tips that are detailed here, come at your bibliography grit and determination! Make it the best part of your whole essay, that way your tutor will definitely be impressed with the formatting and style of your essay overall.

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