How to Find a Chef for Your Restaurant

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Finding a chef for your new restaurant can be a very daunting task. There are so many people in the field, and so many traits to look out for.

We are going to talk about where to find your perfect chef, the traits to look out for in one, and how to introduce a new person to your restaurant kitchen. If you have the perfect employee in mind, and stay firm in what you are looking for, you should have no issues hiring a new chef.

Let’s start with where to find them.

Ways to Recruit Them

You can find a suitable new chef in a number of different locations and settings.

A recruiting agency is a great place to start. If you are looking to be more discreet about searching for a new employee, this is an excellent choice. This way you aren’t broadcasting to either a current chef or competition that you’re trying to find someone new.

You can also use an online ad to search for the perfect person. That way you can list all the qualifications and traits that you need up front,

Word of mouth can also be extremely fruitful if you have a web of connections to ask about who they know. This is not really discreet at all, but if you don’t mind broadcasting the news it can be a great tool.

What Traits to Look For

If you are not 100% sure what you are looking for in a chef, here are some excellent personality traits to consider.

Having a patient, even tempered person is vital. There will be busy, stressful times in a kitchen, and having someone who is bad under pressure or extremely hot-headed will most likely end in a bad situation.

Someone who is very attentive to every detail is also a great idea as well. With a job as demanding and busy as a chef, it can be very easy to let things fall through the cracks. Someone who notices every single detail will be organized and ensure that everything is done correctly and on time.

Lastly, having a chef who shares your philosophy and vision of the restaurant is key. There are structural decisions that you will have to agree on to have a thriving, successful business.

Introducing the New Chef to Your Kitchen

Make sure that the person you choose is comfortable with all aspects of your restaurant’s kitchen. They should be competent and content with all of the restaurant’s equipment, especially things like how everything is organized and your walk in freezer.

If they are comfortable with the layout and the products you provide them, you are off to a fantastic start. For example, if you use Robot Coupe items for everything, and their machinery is something they are familiar with and love, the first few weeks will be much less rocky.

Overall, if you find someone that checks every box you have when it comes to personality, familiarity and views, you have got yourself a wonderful brand-new chef.

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