How to Find Study Abroad Agents

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Aiming to study in Australia for your higher studies? Higher studies make the next generations’ globally minded adventurers and leaders. Studying in Australia would open up new doors to opportunities that will take your booming career to the next level. However, the process of migrating and studying in Australia, starts with finding an agent who can assist you with your needs.

Why Study in Australia?

Studying in Australia would prepare you for a diverse and multicultural academic environment and open up a world or opportunities for you. Rather than picking things from books and the Internet, navigating a new landscape would give you a chance to explore a new culture, history, heritage and language. It has been rightly said that studying abroad is crucial for both personal growth and discovery. Apart from gaining top-notch education, you get to make new friends, eat exciting foods, learn new culture and much more. All these things together contribute to boost your confidence and stretch the parameters of your comfort zone.

How to Find an Agent to Fulfil Your Dreams of Studying in Australia?

In today’s competitive world finding an agent has become more difficult than finding a course itself. Among so many confusing options available in the market, choosing the agent can be the most daunting task to accomplish. If you are also facing the same struggle then we are here to help. Below we are sharing some essential tips that can help you find my agent.

Check if the agent has a license: The top most important thing you should keep in mind before hiring an agent is their license. Know if the agent’s license is current or not. To ensure that the agent is authorized, you can visit the official estate department site and check if the agent’s name is there or not. On the site, you would also be able to review the past record of the agent. Other than the license and award appreciation, you should also check that if the agent has faced any disciplinary actions in the past or not.

Take reference and check customer reviews: The best way to find an agent is to rely on the words of your relative and colleagues. If they have used the services before and liked it then it’s more likely for you to also like the agent.

Set your priorities: Before finding an agent first you need to be clear in your head that what kind of service quality you are looking for in the real estate company. Is it the experience of the agent that matter the most? Once your priorities are clear you can make your search more precise and desired.

How Students can Find Agents Via CatEight?

The guidance of an agent can go a long way in meeting the needs of the customers. He is experienced, skilled and knowledgeable in handling the varied needs of the clients. To help you make your hunt for finding agents easy, we bring to you some important information. CatEight is an online platform that lets you find experienced and skilled agents online. An increasing number of agents have signed up on CatEight to provide students highest-quality services. The students can easily connect with the agents online to carry out meaningful transactions.

How Is CatEight Helpful to Both Agents and Students?

CatEight platform is not only helpful for students but also for agents where they can register themselves and handle a large amount of visa applications. The secure platform CatEight enables students to upload all their important documents and application forms and send it to the agents so that they can process the information further and assist them with their needs. The customer relationship management system of CatEight helps agents to manage students applications easily and effectively. Moreover, the platform enables agents and students to interact with each other and exchange useful information that could be used in the transaction.

With the help of CatEight, students and agents can manage their applications individually, send and recieve course and visa applications, and interact with each other online. With the help of CatEight, the need and cost for online consultation can be significantly reduced. Moreover, the paperless file management makes the process more easy, convenient and hassle-free. The CatEight wesbite is available in both English and Chinese versions, which means students can switch the language based on their needs.

Sign up Today and Get Started!

Now when you have known all the details, what are you waiting for? You can easily connect with the agents of your choice and make your visa applications process faster. All the details about processing files and applications can be done through the website, hence making the process simple and easy.

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