How To Find The Best Los Angeles Movers

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Are you moving into a new home in the Los Angeles area and need some help? Sure, you can try to get a couple of your buddies to help, but it will be easier to hire professionals who can get the job done carefully and in a timely manner. That is why we put together this quick guide on how to find the best Los Angeles movers.

Start With Recommendations

The best place to find great movers is by talking to your friends and family. Good word-of-mouth is usually the best indicator that a moving company is good. Online reviews are helpful, but not always truthful. Talking to someone you know and trust means their recommendation is probably more honest and trustworthy. So, start by asking around who your neighbors, family, and friends have used in the area.

Check To See If They Are Licensed And Insured

You do not want to work with a moving company that is not licensed or insured. If they aren’t, they are not legally bound to protect your property. Which means they could drive off with it or break it without any consequences. You do not want this.

Be wary of companies that claim to be insured but are not willing to show you proof. You can always search the American Trucking Associations’ ProMovers List to see what movers in your state have already been vetted.

Make Sure They Have Transparent Rates

A moving company can give you an estimate of their prices based on how many movers you will need and how long you think it will take. However, many movers charge extra fees for additional packaging materials, heavy objects, or tough moving situations (aka long flights of narrow stairs). Be sure to ask about these hidden fees beforehand and get a good idea of what will constitute an extra fee. If they are not willing to tell you, move on to a different mover or one that has no hidden fees at all.

Choose Someone With Experience

Finally, try to work with someone who has at least 5 years of experience in the area. That way you know that their positive word-of-mouth reviews are from many years of good honest work and not just a couple of jobs they have done where they haven’t run into any kinks yet.

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