How to Find the Perfect Path for You at Excelsior College

Apr 23, 2020 by

When you graduate high school, it can feel like you have a million choices to make, including where you will go to college and what you will study. These important choices can impact your entire life, so it’s crucial that you evaluate them carefully. Excelsior College is the perfect choice for anyone looking to complete an online degree program. Here’s how to figure out the right path for you at Excelsior College.

Consider what you like and are good at

When you enter college, you have to choose a major. This will determine what you’ll study over the next several years, depending on the length of your program. Ideally, your major will be something you like and something you’ve shown some skill in. Think about which subjects you excelled at in high school and what you enjoyed doing. Were you always excellent in science class or are you amazing with computers? Excelsior College offers degrees in Business, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts, Nursing, Public Service, and Technology. Many of these degrees will lead directly to a job, but some of them will give you the flexibility to pursue whatever you might like in the future. A Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts is broad enough that you can find any number of jobs in the future, so this is a great option if you’re skilled in many areas or aren’t sure about what you might like later in life. No matter what you like, you can find the perfect path for you at Excelsior.


Think about the type of job you’d like to do

An important factor in your career path is the type of job you want. There are thousands of career options, so as you’re considering your degree, think about what you value in a job. You’ll need to determine if you’d like to care for others or work in an office. Do you want to manage other people or work for someone? Would you like to work in a hospital or a school? What you value in life should help you determine what path you’d like to pursue. If you’re concerned about making a large salary so you can care for your family, consider earning a Master of Business Administration degree and working your way to the top of a company. If you know you want to help others and work in a hospital setting, pursue your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Imagine who you will want to work with, the hours you’ll want to work, and your desired location. All of this information will help you choose the right degree program at Excelsior.


Decide how much schooling you’d like to complete

Before you choose a program, decide exactly how much schooling you’d like to complete. If you’re interested in becoming a nurse, you’ll have to earn your associate degree, pass the RN exam, and then potentially a bachelor’s or master’s degree. It could take you several years to complete these degrees, so you don’t want to start the associate degree without understanding that you have a lot of schooling to go. If you already have a degree or have earned previous college credit, you can transfer credits to Excelsior and speed up your degree program. Also, a huge benefit of online schooling is that you can complete it anywhere, anytime. Fit school into your schedule no matter what you’re doing.


The right path exists for you at Excelsior College. Consider what you love, where you see yourself, and how long you have to earn a degree. You’ll love the flexibility of online learning and the amazing preparation you’ll receive for your career. Find the perfect place for you today.

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