How to Gamble Responsibly

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Gambling responsibly may seem like a bit of an oxymoron, however it is actually possible to play in this fashion. This practice makes this form of entertainment a lot more fun and prevents users from getting into hot water. So how do you gamble responsibly? Let’s find out…

Managing a Bankroll

Your bankroll or balance on a site is your ticket to keeping yourself safe from gambling related harm. Monitoring your balance is key if you don’t want to end up overspending and regretting that. Just being aware of what’s going in and out of an account can make the player feel a lot more secure.

The bankroll is always available when you’re playing on a site, so there’s no need to ignore it at any point. This is a good check for players to make as they spend time gambling, many sites even allow you to access your data over time. This shows the transaction history and balance over time, which can be eye opening for players.

This will allow those users affected by a potential gambling problem to identify areas in which they could improve. This is a key tool for anyone struggling with a gambling problem to be able to call upon. More sites are now giving their users this kind of in depth information, so they can make decisions on how they wish to gamble.

Different payment methods are also useful for some players if they want to restrict their spend. These can have daily or transaction limits, which can be useful for those that need to restrict what they spend without having to use their own willpower. This can be tricky for players, as they just want to keep spending, but these inbuilt restrictions can do everything for them.

Reality Checks

We can all end up spending far too much time on our computers or playing games, without realising just how much time has passed. This is a tactic used in many casinos around the world, as they don’t provide clocks or outside light. Therefore, their players don’t know what time it is and are less likely to leave, as they don’t think they’ve been there long.

On online casino sites, things are a bit different as they are bound to serve up these reality checks. These can come in the form of reminders, clocks and even intervention by a helpful assistant. This means that gamblers can be aware of the time that their spending and take breaks at a healthy level.

With so many different games and promotions on your average gambling site, it’s easy to get caught up. Therefore, it makes sense to mandate that these kind of reality checks are in place at all times.

With these present on all screens, this can really do a lot to limit the harms that can be associated with gambling. This is becoming more important for operators that want to remain socially conscious.


There’s also the possibility for players to exclude themselves from a site altogether. This might seem counterproductive for a site, but you’ll find that many actually support this. For example, Lucky Admiral gives a full support and education to their players and allow them to exclude when they feel they need a break.

This is part of their whole responsible gaming initiative, which you can read more about here These guys are very socially responsible operators, who intervene should their players require it. This might seem against the ethos of an operator, but by looking after their players, they will avoid fines and create a good reputation.

There are a few different options when it comes to self-exclusion, from a temporary ban to complete closure. Operators are also working together to create schemes by which a player seeking self-exclusion can ban themselves from a number of sites at once.

This doesn’t have to be a last ditch attempt by a person with a serious gambling problem, it can be used for responsible gambling for players that want to take shorter breaks. This gives the player much more control over their time betting, so they’re able to restrict themselves when needed.

Emotional Stress

Sometimes, when we gamble we add a lot of emotions onto the betting itself. This can be a really dangerous route to go down, as it can end up impacting how we restrain ourselves. Anger or sadness while gambling is common, but it also makes us behave in an irrational way. This creates a bad atmosphere for gamblers and can potentially have them spending more than they intended.

Similarly, some gamblers think of the game as a way to make money guaranteed, but this isn’t the case. This can make them feel overconfident or cause them to want to spend more, as they think they’ll get a much bigger return. However, this is a dangerous route to go down. We also don’t want to end up spending money that we don’t actually have. Getting into debt with gambling or using funds that should be allocated to something else can mean that gamers get themselves into hot water.

It’s important to temper the desire to win on gambling based games with the reality that the house will win overall. This concept has been around for a long time and it’s very true. Some of these players will win, but mostly it’s a case of quitting while you’re ahead if you want to actually win real money from these games. Being able to know when to stop is becoming much more obvious, as some brands will now actively encourage you to stop.

In the UK, there’s a massive campaign around stopping when the fun stops, which shows users when they should start to limit themselves. This shows users when they should be taking time away from the game and what an emotional stress can look like.

If you want to play games online, then you should make sure you’re following these simple tips. Then you can enjoy playing without worrying.

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